With the new release of Titanfall, players on Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 have a new third person shooter to play with. Titanfall is an exclusively online multiplayer shoot with excitement and intensity. Players can choose to play the campaign or choose to play the multiplayer games types.

The story for Titanfall is very short and only selects a few of the maps that are actually played on in multiplayer mode. The story mode is interesting and very hard to follow. You have to make sure you paying attention to the missions you are actively playing to understand the story.

Multiplayer mode takes place with two teams of six online players versing each other for fight. The goal of the objective is to kill the enemy opponent which could either be the other online multiplayer players, or dozens of computer controlled grunts.

When enough kills are appointed to a player, the player can receive a “Titan Robot”. These robots are powerful but are far from a tank in the game. There are many ways a player can defeat a titan that is on foot. Players can use Anti-Titan weapons of jump and parkour on the Titan’s back to eliminate the enemy Titan.

Jason Hulsmann, a student at Elder, is a proud owner of the game and thinks its graphics and game play is one of the best he has ever seen.

“I love this game so much. I think everyone should get this game,” said Hulsmann. Jason has played the game for hours days in and out.  He completed his first twenty four hour play last Friday night.

Titanfall has many gamers talking up the third person shooter community. Looking through blogs and forums, some gamers may think that Titanfall may be the new face of third person shooters. Titanfall’s numbers are rising and will soon be at the standard of Call of Duty and Battlefield.