This week in fantasy: Nino Salamone

This week in fantasy: Nino Salamone


Well, we are into October as the NFL season’s rolls into week five with fantasy prospects jumping up and down the board. Some top performers in the league are off to a slow start, but this is the week where we really start to see things balance out. Some of us may even are having a slow start this season with our own fantasy teams (including myself) and we are waiting on that one week where our players really kick it in gear. If you are 1-3 or 2-2 don’t panic yet, there’s still much more football to be played.


Byes: Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders

Quarterback: Tom Brady. One of the biggest fantasy disappointments this season. His offensive line is the worst it’s ever been, his receiving core is the worst it’s ever been, and his performance is the worst it’s ever been. Even Brady said it himself, “We don’t have the offense that is going to perform at a high level.” With the Patriots hosting a talented Bengal defense, Brady is a must bench. My must start for week 5 is Jay Cutler. After a crushing defeat to the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday, the Panthers looked a little shaken up. They’re missing some big playmakers up front and they simply could not get a break through the air. The Carolina Panthers gave up 327 yards and three touchdowns to a team that compares nothing to the Chicago Bears offensive weapons. Look for a big game out of Cutler and he heaves balls towards the end zone all day long.

Wide Receiver: As I said above, the Panthers will be struggling defensively so if you have a wide receiver for the Bears, play him. Other than your typical Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown, and Jordy Nelson (who played Thursday night against the Vikings), another must play this week in the wide receiver position is Kelvin Benjamin. Benjamin looks to be a rising wide out and is quickly settling in with quarterback Cam Newton and a fast paced Carolina offense. Newton seems to favor Benjamin over his other receivers, while he sits at 329 receiving yards with three touchdowns. This young wide out will use his 6’-5″ height advantage and run all over an old, banged up Bears defense. Look for Benjamin in the future years, too. This guy’s THAT good. A must bench this weekend for me is the one and only, DeSean Jackson. Kirk Cousins is not as high caliber as everybody thought and we saw this last Thursday. Cousins threw just one touchdown while throwing four interceptions. Thus, it will bring DeSean Jackson’s value and productivity way down. Although, DeSean Jackson is known for his speed which if he can slip past a coverage for the long ball, you’re in good position. But with the Redskins going up against the Legion of BOOM and Seattle, I don’t see that happening.

Running back: Ah, what a breakout year it has been for many, including Le’veon Bell. He told the Steelers he was their guy, and that he has been. Start him if you have him along with Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, etc. Alfred Morris, for the most part he has been a must play back. But not this week. He plays Seattle with the Legion of BOOM staring right back in his face. All I want to say is good luck for the ’Skins because that is going to be a LONG game on both sides of the ball. He is a must bench this week. This week’s must start is Giovani Bernard, if you don’t play this guy against the Patriots Sunday night you’re probably crazy. Did you see what the Chief’s running back Jamaal Charles did to this Patriots defense Monday night? Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. He found the end zone three times Monday night, and I suspect Gio will pick up just where he left off.

Tight end: Along with Brady, what a disappointment it has been for Gronk owners. Something just isn’t clicking in New England. That’s not going to change this week for the Bengals either, the Bengals have a talented defense this year and they will be ready to play come Sunday night. Gronk= Must Bench. This time as of last week I would have told you to start Niles Paul, but no. The New York Giant’s free safety gave Paul a devastating hit in the center of the field leaving him concussed. So this week, the must start has to be Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs. This guy is an animal and is just now starting to get recognized. He has really found his way and this Chief’s offense and will continue to get more and more comfortable. He is not owned in many league’s so you if can, pick him up and by the end of the season he will your starting tight end regardless of who you have right now. Mark my words.

There you have it, I hope you take my advice and everything works out for you Sunday. No, I cannot predict the future so don’t be mad at me when something doesn’t go the way I planned. Another big thing to do is watch Fantasy Football Now on ESPN 2 before the games on Sunday, the NFL insiders and analysts will give you their opinion on who to start. Other than that, good luck.