AMC premieres impressive


AMC hit a homerun Sunday night breaking records with their hit new spinoff show Better Call Saul and mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.  If you don’t live under a rock, than the chances of you hearing about these two premieres are very high considering their vast popularity among 18-49 year olds.

Better Call Saul aired immediately after the premiere of The Walking Dead taking over the normal spot of the Talking Dead and pushing the talk show back a whole hour.  This is a very interesting and important move that AMC made Sunday night because I believe that is a major reason why the show was able to break cable records.  They were able to leach off an already popular show from their channel and funnel that audience into their other brand new show.  The other reason so many people tuned in was because of the incredibly loyal fan base that breaking Bad had and still has to this day.  Millions, 6.9 million to be exact, of viewers watched and applauded the premiere for its impeccable story making it the biggest cable series premiere in history.  In addition to that, lucrative deals have already been made with Netflix which will greatly increase their subscribers.

The show began with a very confusing scene that I believe a lot of people did not understand.  The entire show takes place before the events of Breaking Bad when Saul Goodman didn’t even know Walt or Jesse existed.  However, in the very first scene of the show we see Saul in witness relocation working in a Cinnabon restaurant, which is the only part of the show so far that did indeed happen after the Breaking Bad storyline.  After watching the first two episodes and reading the reviews of IMDB I strongly believe that this is AMC’s next big hit.  It has already been awarded a 9.6 and received a lot of praise for the story even though it’s just begun.  Mr. Rogers expressed his thoughts by saying, “I haven’t seen much of the show just yet, but with Vince Gilligan writing the show I am expecting a good series.”

The Walking Dead on the other hand did not break any records, but has in fact kept a steady flow of viewers continually coming back to watch the show.  However, a lot of people are very angry that they killed off Tyrese so quickly.  Sam Feeney said, “I am pissed that they killed Tyrese off so suddenly, I really would’ve liked to see him for at least a few more episodes”.  After getting his arm bit and chopped off, Chad Coleman eventually died and left millions in shock.  Adam Hughes exclaimed, “They took my favorite things out of the show, first Beth, than Michonne’s Katana, and now Tyrese”.  I believe that Scott Gimple wants to keep people on their toes, but it very important that he doesn’t tick to many people off.  About a year ago he told people in an interview that nobody is safe, not Rick, not Carl, and not even Daryl.

This past weekend has been a significant change for AMC as they are beginning to take over the TV network with all of their upcoming and current dramas.  Both The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul are two shows that are proving to make a ton of money for AMC and hopefully they will continue to create new and exciting series.Better-Call-Saul3twd