Stars bet for a good cause

The Super Bowl was over a month ago, but just recently a bet that took place is now being put into action. Usually people bet money or even personal possessions, however, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans came up with a much better idea.

They decided if the Patriots won Pratt would have to go to a Boston hospital dressed as Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and if the Seahawks won Evans would have to dress up as Captain America and visit patients at a Seattle hospital.

Obviously the Patriots won, so being a man of his word Chris Pratt visited a Boston Hospital and visited sick children dressed as Star Lord. The story was trending and buzzing around the time after the big game. People were wondering if they would actually show up and how great it would be if they actually did it.

Well their impact was felt by the people who work at the hospital as well as the patients who enjoyed it the most. A patient that Pratt visited was diagnosed with leukemia and said he is Pratt’s biggest fan.

His mom told the press, “This situation will never be normal, but their visit helped make us feel special.” Many movie stars can be seen as pretentious and way too into themselves but the ones like Pratt and Evans show how some of them are really good people.

The story got even better just a week ago. Chris Evans decided that children in a Seattle hospital would enjoy his visit. So that’s what he did. He went to Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America and surprised many big fans of the comics as well as his movies. Chris Evans accompanied him in his visit dressed regularly, but was still representing Guardians of the Galaxy.

The two stars called it the #twitterbowl, and Pratt called Chris Evans the winner. Both stars showed a high level of class and represented themselves in a great way. Though they play superheroes on the big screen Evans stated that he met some real superheroes when he visited the children in the hospitals.