Panthers rock the dance floor


Prom is the big dance during your junior and senior year. For the seniors, it is their last go around at Prom, but for the juniors it’s the first. Elder Prom as we all know had a site change, last year was Elder Prom’s first year at the Newport Syndicate. All the years before that, it was held at the all heralded Woodlands. The word in the halls was that last year was a huge success. The setting was great, and it was touted as a “revival” of Elder’s prom. I thought prom was a huge success, it was really fun and Elder’s very own DJ Michael Schlomer had a great playlist that kept me and most of the kids who weren’t invested in the Kentucky-Notre Dame game on the dance floor all night long.

I caught up with senior secretary Eric Huff and asked him what his thoughts were on his final prom.

“I had a great time this year. It is sad to think this is my last prom because they are very fun. I think it would’ve been better if my friends weren’t so into the Kentucky-Notre Dame game, couldn’t really enjoy the prom with them as much as I may have wanted to but I still had a good time.” He said that the venue is great for Elder’s Prom.

“I mean the dance floor is small, but it forces you to get closer to people and it makes it, at least I feel, more enjoyable.

Juniors Dave “Hollywood” Heisel and Brandon Vornhagen had many great things to say about prom

“I loved it, I had a great time. DJ Schloms killed it up there.” Dave said his favorite song of the whole night was Shut Up and Dance. He was glad that they had switched venues.

“The best thing was moving the venue, even though I never had been to a prom at the Woodlands, I heard that it could use a venue change. When I found out last year that they switched last year to the Syndicate I was excited.” He told me though in the end it wouldn’t have truly mattered because as he put it, “I love to showcase my moves on the floor wherever I can.” Heisel is known for showcasing his moves, he even caught his own mother off guard at Mom Prom.

Brandon Vornhagen on the other hand, isn’t really known for his love for dances, yet alone his dance moves had great things to say about Prom.

“I had a good time, the DJ was spot on.” He said that Dave was not the best dancer on the floor it was DJ Michael Schlomer. He said his favorite song was also Shut Up and Dance. It was rumored that both Heisel and Vornhagen had shared a special moment performing a duet of the song. Now those are just rumors.

After I concluded my interview with the juniors, the English Scholar (aka Mr. Grimm) asked to be interviewed. When I asked him his thoughts on the night I got answers such as, “eh, good, could’ve been better,” and “eh” one last time. I would like to thank him for his eagerness to be in The Quill.

It was a night to definitely remember for most, even though I wish Notre Dame would’ve won to make it even better, it was still a great night. You need to make the most of these nights, you only get so many of them in your life.  I know I am looking forward to next year’s prom and so should the rest of this year’s juniors and sophomores.