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Sinister 2 is a typically disappointing horror movie sequel


There’s a widely held belief that all horror movie sequels are terrible. This movie does nothing to disprove that.

Sinister 2 is a story about a woman hiding from her abusive husband. They move into this house, where her son gets corrupted by watching films.

I don’t remember the character’s names, because, to be honest, I couldn’t care less about them.

Let’s start off with the actors, holy cow are these child actors bad. The one who plays the boy who’s supposed to get corrupted by the films, he was the best, but that still doesn’t mean they were almost as bad as the children from the Star Wars prequels.

Now to get into the movie, this movie was not in the least bit scary. The films that were so interesting in the first film were not relevant to the plot at all. They were just there to be there.

In the original, the films were meant to show the audience how Moghul operates and they were very unsettling in their images. The films in this one are just gory for the sake of being gory, there is nothing subtle about this film. Everything is just shoved in your face in order to get their point across.

Like the abusive dad, this guy was so cartoonish that it eventually became hilarious. Foghorn Leghorn was less cartoonish than this guy.

I will say I did feel dread when I was watching this movie. Not from the movie but from how long the movie seemed to be. I was checking my watch every five minutes because they felt like a half an hour.

Yeah, it was that boring.

In the end, the movie has nothing that I liked about the first one.

It isn’t suspenseful, scary, and it is more tortuous than being forced to watch Titanic for the fiftieth time because your girlfriend says, “It’s so sad.”

If you like this review let me know and I will keep doing them, and maybe you might be spared from watching really bad movies.

Ben Siefke, watching crummy movies so you won’t have to.