What a time to be alive

Drake and Future release a hot new project


On Sunday September 20, 2015 the “six god” Drake and “auto tune addict” Future released a joint album mixtape type of record. They were both fresh off some of their most successful releases yet. Drake was coming off of his platinum album “If your reading this it’s too late” which I found very enjoyable, and Future was coming off of his successful album”DS2” which even impressed me a little bit.

Before listening to this album I was honestly very excited about it. Both artists were coming from such different backgrounds, and each had such a different unique style of music that it really made me excited for this project. Having Metro Boomin being the executive producer for the album just meant that it will be full of radio hits, which for a lot of people is another reason to be excited about it.

Getting into this album/mixtape starting off with the song, “Digital Dash.” This song although not very popular off the album I thought was a perfect way to start off. You have a pretty strong verse and hook from Future who really controls most of the song, then towards the end you have a strong verse from Drake to really set the tone for the album.

With the second song you already get to hear your first hit from the project with “Big Rings.” This song could have easily been a single off the album and is a sure radio hit. Other hits that really stuck out on this album would easily have to be “Diamonds Dancing” and “Jumpman.” With “Diamonds Dancing” it feels more of like it should be a slow Drake singing record with a Drake feature on it (which it pretty much is), except Drake comes in more towards the end of this song which he seems to do through a majority of the project which I am not the biggest fan of. “Jumpman” is just a hit and there really isn’t much more I can say about it except it’s a great song.

In this project I’ve noticed a lot of songs that have been overlooked that I really enjoy like “Scholarships”, “Live from the Gutter”, and “I’m the Plug.” On the song “Scholarships” I almost wish Future wasn’t even on it because Drake just kills it, and as usual we have to wait till the end of the song to hear Drake. On the other hand with “Live from the Gutter” Future really steals the show and made this song to me. “I’m the Plug” would have to be the most interesting song on this record. It starts out like most of the other songs with Future starting it off with a trap flavored type verse and an average hook. Then, Drake has a verse that really sounds like it could be a freestyle, but it fits the song so well that I find it very entertaining and really just makes the song.

The only songs I didn’t care for on this project were “Plastic Bag” and “Change Locations.” With “Plastic Bag” the quality is pretty terrible and it feels like it was kind of just thrown together at the last second. The problem I have with “Change Locations” is just the fact that I just don’t like the song, it has a dumb hook and just average thrown together verses from Drake and Future.

At the end of this project there are two solo songs, one from Future (“Jerseys”), and one from Drake (“30 for 30”). These two songs were easily the most interesting off the project. Future’s really surprised me and is one of my favorite songs. I think this song would be a lot more popular and noticed if it was released as a Future single and not just released with the album. Even though I like Future’s song more Drake’s is also very interesting. Drake raps on this song similar on the way he did to his first diss towards Meek Mill on “Charged Up.” With most of Drake’s softer raps you really have to listen because with these songs he is just putting out straight bars, and in this song he is basically saying that they should have a 30 for 30 about him like they do for legendary players on ESPN.

Max Dresmann is a big rap fan (not so much mainstream rap music) and he gave me his insight on the project and seemed really impressed. “When Drake and Future clicked it was magical,” said Max.

Overall, I really did enjoy this project I can’t lie. Out of 11 songs only not liking two of them is pretty impressive, but I do feel like it could’ve been a lot better in a way. I feel like this project was kind of rushed and I would have to rate it a light eight. Even though this project did seemed rushed and was only 11 tracks and there is a very good chance this record will be going platinum soon giving Drake his second platinum album of the year.

Drake is also supposed to release his long awaited album “Views from the 6” which has an even better chance to go platinum. Could Drake have three platinum albums in one year? I guess we will have to wait and see.