New restaurants pop up on the west side

Panthers find a new home at Harrison Greene


Adam Gerhardt thinks about his favorite things

For most of us growing up on the west side, we’ve become accustomed to a certain variety of eateries.  This group of restaurants has remained relatively unchanged until recently.  But recently on Harrison, a new strip of restaurants has taken the ‘nati by storm.  Graeter’s, Dewey’s, Tom + Chee, and First Watch are now all stationed on the west side, the last three all being new to the west side.

“Harrison Greene” is a 7 acre area that has attracted a multitude of customers since its inception in June.  It includes both the indoor facilities, and an outdoor area with benches, chairs, tables and a fountain.  The area has been labeled as an “entertainment district,” much like those down town such as “The Banks.”  While the area is noticeably smaller than The Banks, the idea is the same.

The majority of the restaurants opened in June of this year, and are all set in terms of employment, for the most part. Graeter’s and Tom + Chee have even given jobs to a couple of Panthers.

Adam Gerhardt is a junior at Elder and recently landed a job at Tom + Chee.  I asked him how he thinks the addition of these restaurants has affected both him, and the west side as a whole.  He told me that he loves his job at Tom + Chee, because the hours are ample, but still allow him time to keep up on his extreme study schedule.

Mike Groh is stationed just 40 feet down the side walk at Graeter’s, where he dishes out hefty scoops of cream. He told me that “it’s a great job in a great location.”

I went to Graeter’s during the first week that this location opened, and it is the largest and most modern Graeter’s that I’ve ever been to.  They’ve replaced cash registers with iPads and expanded the bakery area as well as the seating area, compared to those at the other locations.

All in all, each restaurant planted on Harrison Greene is a fantastic choice, whether you’re looking for brunch, dinner or dessert.  Anywhere you go, you’re in for a treat.  Look for Adam and Mike and tell them that Collin sent you. They’ll hook you up. (Probably not.)