Fabulous fall TV

Fabulous fall TV

School and work days are long and tiresome. We come home and we just want to sit on the couch, enjoy a nice dinner, and watch some good television. The fall season is the perfect time to watch some good quality shows.

The good thing about television is there are always new shows that make their appearance every year, and this year there is no shortage of high quality television.

First off on NBC Neil Patrick Harris has incorporated a great new show where anything can happen. The show called, Best Time Ever, is basically a show incorporating celebrities of all sorts where insane, mini-game shows, and hilarious comedic pranks can be seen.

Click here to see some of these events that occur when Neil Patrick Harris is in charge.

Secondly, over on CBS there is a new comedy entitled Life in Pieces. This show incorporates four smaller stories into one big family event. From a family of three kids, to two parents trying to raise a newborn, to a man trying to find his purpose in life, this new sitcom is full of crazy events that teach us all the lessons of a fun-loving family.

Finally, ABC has produced a new show called Quantico. This new thriller expresses the true unique ability of four young masterminds. These four bright individuals have been recruited to the Quantico FBI base for their skills. However, they soon learn that one of them is a suspect for the biggest attack since September 11, 2001, on New York City.

And yet we cannot forget about the shows that we all love and have for years. Although we all enjoy a new change of pace. there are a few shows that will always be classics.

One of the greatest comedies in a long while is produced by CBS. We know this comedy to be The Big Bang Theory. It is the story of four brilliant geniuses (Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj) who love to collaborate their minds together over various activities. Through girlfriends, wives, disagreements, and the woes these characters face, they show the true essence of friendship and the struggles of being a genius in this world.

Another great comedy that is on its seventh and final season is The League. I must say viewer discretion is highly advised when this show is on. Despite the crude humor, this show has been thriving for a good seven years now and that’s because everyone loves their fantasy football. A group of friends with an 8-man fantasy football battle among each other every week for their championship trophy, “The Siva”. The match-ups are heated and there is never a shortage of jokes throughout the show.

I caught up with a teacher from Norwood, Scot Heisel (my father), who is an avid television watcher to see some of his thoughts about the fall schedule. Scot proceeded to tell me that The Big Bang Theory is one of his favorite shows he’s ever watched. “The humor is very dry and there is nothing better than dry humor. I sit on the couch and laugh till I’m out of breath,” said Scot.

Scot also brought to my attention that he enjoys watching The Goldbergs. The Goldbergs is another comedy show that sees the every day life of a crazy family, set in the 80’s through the viewpoint of the youngest child, Adam. “It reminds me a lot of my own family, and I can relate to many of the references throughout the show,” said Scot.

Great actors, characters, story lines, and punchlines. It is really a terrific show, and I will miss it come next fall.

— Macks Burke '16, speaking about The League

I then caught up with Senior Macks Burke, who is often considered the TV guru. Macks is a man of few words but went on to tell me that fall is a great time for television purely for The League. “Great actors, characters, story lines, and punchlines. It is really a terrific show, and I will miss it come next fall,” said Macks.

As the nights get longer and colder everyone can enjoy a good TV show with their family. If you already do this then great, but if not get a cozy blanket and a cup of coffee and turn on the TV. I think you’ll enjoy what you find.