World War III looms?


The world today is continually spiraling down into an abyss. No one knows what will happen or when. Many people are dead or will die in the days to come. It is becoming even scary to go out to a crowded place in our own city. This terrifying reality is something like a video game, a video game that is about the end of civilization itself.

Two weeks ago, Paris, France was struck with suicide bombers who attacked many different key locations around the city almost simultaneously. One location was outside of the soccer stadium where France was hosting Germany in an international friendly. The others were a concert venue and a couple of restaurants in Paris. The Islamic terrorist organization that is causing all of these fears in the world claimed to have been responsible for the attacks in Paris. These attacks were not the first, but they were the most impactful here in America. Many people think if ISIS can be successful in attacking Paris, then they can do it in the United States as well.

Many Americans are scared, however, as of right now, the attacks have not hit home yet.

Nino Salamone told me that he doesn’t believe that ISIS could ever do anything to completely annihilate the US, but they could cause fear and disruption in everyday lives. He also said that he believes that people should continue to live out their lives regularly because if they do not, then the terrorism has been successful.

Like I said, Paris was not the first in the recent wave of ISIS attacks. The first I had heard about was the shooting down of the Russian jet liner. However, it took Russia until after the Paris attacks to confirm that it was indeed ISIS that was responsible for the bombing.

Then, the same day as the Paris attacks, suicide bombers attacked a Beirut community where the Hezbollah have a strong influence. Although the Hezbollah and ISIS do not agree with each other and actually do not like each other, these attacks do not seem to be directed towards the Hezbollah.

The G-20 summit was held the week after these terrible bombings in Paris and Beirut and a big topic of conversation was ISIS. France decided to heighten its fight against the militants. Many people wanted a coalition of forces to put boots on the ground and wanted the US to be in on it, but President Barack Obama was steadfast in his refusal to put boots on the ground at that time.

With all of this uncertainty in the world today, many are wondering when these deadly attacks will end. Coupling with these terrorist attacks we have politician gridlock in Washington and police brutality running rampant throughout the US. These are troubling times for America, but, in the end, the United States will pull through: They always do.