Kids’ reactions to Star Wars VII

By now everyone has either seen, or at least heard the plot of the new Star Wars movie.

If you haven’t seen it, you can still keep reading this article because we won’t be spoiling anything for you.

The movie did unprecedented box office and got outstanding reviews from all sorts of critics. But we’re here to tell you about the critics that really matter.

Of course the new movie is for all ages, but the opinions of the film that really matter, aren’t the critics of Time magazine, or the 50+ old people that “saw the originals when they were first released!”

No, the real thoughts and opinions that matter, are the ones of kids. And we’re talking about kids that are around the ages of four to eight.

We went around to local grade schools and asked some kids their thoughts on the newest film.

The first one, Brady, age 6 told us, “It was cruding awesome! Especially when everything goes pshhhh!”

We didn’t really understand which scene Brady was referring to, but we took his word for it.

Next we interviewed Michael, age 6, and asked him what he contemplated about the casting choice of the film, in those exact words. Michael looked at us for about two to three minutes and responded with, “No, Chewbacca is my favorite.”

I don’t think Michael understood the question. But that’s okay, at least we know who his favorite character is.

It is exciting to think that these kids are some of the best and brightest of their age group and will be leading America in 25-30 years.

Either way, the teachers and other adults started giving us concerned looks, so we strolled on out of there.

We got some good responses, but I think it’s important to understand that these are the kids that are going to be paying the most attention to the Star Wars legacy for the next decade or so.

These are the opinions that matter. Although they might not be the most sophisticated answers, they’re still gold.

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