Will 2016 be the year of virtual reality?


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Four of the newest VR headsets

Eric Reuss '17, Staff Writer

While some virtual reality gear did come out last year the most well-known, and anticipated one just went on pre-order. The Oculus Rift was used by some you tubers years ago, most notably Pewdiepie played some horror video games like Slender and Five Nights at Freddy’s with a VR headset.

Some more notable virtual reality devices are the Google Cardboard, and the Samsung gear VR. In addition there is a hard hat with a VR system in it known as Daqri. It is meant to make it easier for construction workers to be able to see an augmented playground allowing the worker to practically have X-ray vision on the site.

By Josh Valcarcel from Wired.com
By Josh Valcarcel from Wired.com

When I asked my cousin, Jonathan, who was a construction worker, what he thought about the new helmet he got excited.

“It would have augmented the work place,” he said. “Instead of only being able to see a small mock-up or blue print you could now get up close with what you were building on the job.”

He seemed to convey the message that if he had this then he might not have changed his occupation because it would have made the job much more interesting and easier.

Next, I went in search for a patron for the Oculus Rift one of the more well-known VR devices. I talked to my brother Nick Reuss, a game aficionado, and system collector. “I first saw the Oculus rift,” he started. “When the You tuber Pewdiepie played Five Nights at RiftFreddy’s with it on, it looked like fun and I just had to get it somehow.”

He continued to say that he has pre-ordered the Oculus Rift. “It will be interesting to use at least a couple of times and try out different games with it.” However, he doesn’t think that he will use it too often because it would get very annoying very quickly, but he will use it to spice up his gaming experience.VR gear

After I found Danny Sullivan, an owner of many Samsung devices. When confronted about the Samsung VR gear he said that while it was interesting, he thought that he would never use it. “For me it would be a waste of money,” said Sullivan. “I don’t play too many games and I think I’d look stupid with a giant thing on my face.”

However, he thought that the idea of a virtual reality is somewhat interesting and might look into something if it gets smaller, possibly more like a pair of glasses.

Lastly I have the Google cardboard and brought it in for a couple of my homeroom classmates to try. While I Cardboard2think that the idea is interesting. A very compact, inexpensive VR device that only uses apps on your phone. I let Jake Ramstetter use the Cardboard and he thought that it was interesting. “It is weird, but very simple. The little button on the top of the device needs to be more responsive… I feel like it will break if I push on it too hard, and you have to push hard so that it registers.” I would have to agree after having the Cardboard since Christmas. I don’t use it often but when I do I feel like I might break the device because of the materials it’s made of.

A last item to mention is the PlayStation VR which is supposed to has 100+ games coming out for it.

The PlayStation VR
The PlayStation VR