A few years ago, Miley Cyrus was at the top of the pop culture. She was making millions off of the Hannah Montana show, doing her own concerts, and other various things with Disney channel. But was all that responsibility too much to handle?

It all started off when Cyrus cut her hair. It was all over the news, internet, and magazines and she started to show that she wanted to do her own thing. After that there were many accounts of her being seen smoking marijuana in various places. This was definitely when people’s views of the pop princess started to change.

Then the 2013 VMA’s roll around. On Sunday, August 25, Cyrus preformed her, what you would call, “twerking” act. For those of you who don’t know, twerking is a dance move that involves the dancer’s, most often a female, hips to shake in an up and down motion causing their buttocks to shake. It is usually done to sexually provocative music. Cyrus preformed this in front of thousands of people during Robin Thicke’s brand new single, “Blurred Lines”.

I asked Elder High School’s own social studies teacher Brian Flaherty what he had to say about this.

“Miley is definitely in her rebellious stage,” saud Mr. Flaherty. “ I think she is trying to get away from the Hannah Montana image and just do her own thing.”Flaherty added that it is not as bad as people are making it out to be.

Cyrus’ acting out, I think, is a desperate way to get attention to herself for publicity. Like they always say, whether its good press or bad press, it’s still press. And this is exactly what she is doing. And obviously it is working because it’s still all over the news.

In an exclusive interview by, found here (, Miley says that Madonna and Brittany have done stuff like this so they can “make history”.

But just because this type of stuff has been done in the past, does that make it right? Maybe they could have made this attention and so called “history” more positive instead of gaining bad reputations and as being attention junkies.

Whatever the reason for the performance, I think Miley got what she was looking for. People are definitely going to remember the act, but not in a good way. If Miley keeps this up, she is going to put a real bad spin on the “Cyrus” name. I understand that she is trying to get away from the whole Hanna Montana ego, but she definitely could do it in a better way than this.