Trump vs. Pelosi all 2019

2019 State of the Union, Review

February 8, 2019

Although I appreciate our president, I understand he is not perfect.  One area of weakness for our leader is controlled public speaki...

Young democrats Beto O'Rourke (Texas) and Andrew Gillium (Florida) both are thinking of a 2020 presidential bid.

Are Democrats in tune with younger voters?

February 4, 2019

After a historic loss in the 2016 election, Democrats have turned their focus to the 2020 election in...

Mark Zuckerberg will face Congress on April 9.

Zuckerberg faces Congress

April 8, 2018

Facebook has been accused of having 87 million Facebook profiles being hacked and information of those...

The Donald's first year in review

The Donald’s first year in review

January 16, 2018

Trump’s first year is now being reviewed by everyone, and The Quill is no exception. Trump kept ...

2017 was one wild year

2017: The year in review

January 12, 2018

A recap of some of the biggest events to happen in the year of 2017

Bryce gets a B3LI3VE tattoo for friend Ryan Custer

Elder Ink: Students share meaning behind tattoos

November 9, 2017

Many people use their clothes or style to show their personality before you talk to them. A few Elder...

A veteran holding a sign in support for Colin Kaepernick

Veterans comment on the flag

October 6, 2017

At the beginning of last year Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem. It seems like...

NFL vs. Donald Trump

October 4, 2017

The NFL players’ protest has been a topic of heated debate in recent news. Some are cheering on the pl...

The collision of sports and politics

The collision of sports and politics

October 4, 2017

In recent history, we have seen that two worlds that clearly don’t go together, have collided and have...

In the end, both sides look all too familiar (Photo edited by Joe Reiter)

Politics is more complicated than you think

May 5, 2017

People of opposite political views, specifically conservative and liberal, have been ideologically polarized...

Are sanctuary cities good or bad?

Are sanctuary cities good or bad?

April 18, 2017

Sanctuary cities have been a hot topic in politics. Some people on the right side of politics believe...

Protests have irrupted across the country amid Trump's executive order.

Executive order stirs up America

February 3, 2017

In the first couple weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, controversies regarding actions by the new...

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