Coach Schoenfeld 2016 Basketball Camp Videos

Every so often, you get a chance to do something that makes you feel like you belong. You get the feeling that you were meant to be there at that particular moment in time. To witness something, or help someone out. Well, that happened to me at the end of the school year this June. Normally I would have jumped right from Elder to working on building scenery for Landmark productions. I had been doing that for the past five summers. I felt lost without that immediate transition in my life, but that changed when Coach Joe Schoenfeld asked for help with his basketball camp here at Elder. I was fortunate enough to have the free time to design the camp t-shirts and also edit a few videos of highlights of last season as well as still pictures shot by Kevin Welch. Ron Lindsey put together the DVDs and Mike Chastang did the shirts. I was proud to have been able to help.
And now in the tradition of what I try to teach my journalism students, I present to you the two videos we put together here on our website so that everyone can see.

The slide show of shots of the team taken by Kevin Welch of EH Sports.