The Roots of Hip Hop

In this episode of The Roots of Hip Hop, I dive into the beginning and the foundation that was laid down for what we all know and love as Hip Hop. I begin by discussing the current state of Hip Hop and its impact on pop culture throughout the world over the years. Within Hip Hop and its many eras it has remained a top genre in music in its entirety scattering its sound across the globe. In all of the many eras Hip Hop has had, many people forget where it all began; the Bronx, New York City in 1973.

I cover the legend DJ Kool Herc and his journey as a young kid living in the slums of NYC in 1973 and his contribution/creation of Hip Hop. After DJing his first block party, the world was never felt the same. His masterful developments and techniques have been used by generations that followed.

Following this origin in 1979, the controversial Sugarhill Gang debut the first ever recorded Hip Hop song, Rapper’s Delight, blowing peoples minds with this new style of music. Although a song and group riddled with scandals, they are one of the reasons Hip Hop has reached a worldwide audience. The world not knowing at the time, Hip Hop was going to get much better.

In the future, I will be rebounding off this episode and cover the history following these events discussed. I had a great time making this video and researching the foundations to my favorite genre of music. Hip Hop has gotten me out of some rough times in my life and I can’t thank the pioneers for their contribution to the genre enough. I truly believe without music, the world would be a dark dark place and one I would most definitely not want to live in.

Thanks for tuning in, peace!