Loss of Peterson stalls Vikings’ momentum

Loss of Peterson stalls Vikings momentum

Vikings all star running back Adrian Peterson was placed on the injured list on Friday September 23 after his surgery to repair his torn lateral meniscus. The surgery was deemed a success. There is no timeline for his return to the Vikings. Doctors say it will take anywhere from three to six months for him to recover.

Since Peterson was drafted in 2007 he has been a huge asset to the Minnesota Vikings and some see him as the greatest of all time. Since 2007 he has had 97 TD’s and 11,725 yards. The Vikings cannot afford to lose Adrian as a running back.

“I’m doing it with faith and optimism,” Peterson told ESPN before his procedure. If this doesn’t not go well for him, it will be a long road and the rest of this season will slip away from him.

This is just another downfall for the Viking running back.

Adrian Peterson being carried off the field with a torn meniscus.
Adrian Peterson being carried off the field with a torn meniscus.

Last year he was indicted for hitting and beating his 4-year old son with a tree branch. Many called this the switch gate scandal. Peterson ended up not getting suspended but he was considered on the NFL exempt list.

Adrian Peterson has been through many struggles and hard falls through his career but has always came back better so hopefully that is the case for him this time.Before Peterson got hurt he carried the ball 50 yards on 31 runs. This injury is Peterson’s 10th since he was drafted in 2007.

I believe that Peterson will make a great return in the December playoff run. Peterson is still one of the greatest of all time and I don’t think he is going to let a meniscus tear ruin his career. This will only make him stronger.