The effects of the Presidential debates



The first two Presidential debates of 2016 have been among the most watched in history. They are also considered to be some of the dirtiest debates as well. These two candidates, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton, have been pulling out all the stops in order to win.

I interviewed junior Jack Harrison, junior Ben Farwick, and World History teacher Mr. Spencer for this story.

The first question I asked was do you think either of the candidates gained or lost any supporters after the first debates?

Have the Presidential Debates changed your opinion about the candidates?

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Spencer said, “I think they made the Clinton supporters more relieved with her campaign, but I don’t think they answered any of the questions the undecided voters have about Trump.”

Farwick told me he thought that both candidates could have gained as well as lost supporters because of the debates.

Harrison told me, “No. I think the supporters of both candidates are too stubborn to change their opinions.”


The next thing I asked was do you believe people use the debates to gain knowledge about the candidates, or just to reinforce their own opinions.

Farwick told me, “I think people actually use the debates to gain information about the candidates because some people don’t know a lot about the candidates, and they get to hear it straight of the candidates mouths instead of from the news.”

Spencer said, “I think a majority of the people just use the debates to reinforce their own opinions.”

“I think the debates are a way for people to reinforce their own opinions about the candidates. Not to open up to the other candidate,” said Harrison.

The third question in these interviews was, “Do you believe that either candidate gained or lost a swing state after the first debates?”

Farwick told me it was too soon to tell.

Harrison expanded on Farwick by saying, “I think it’s possible that each candidate changed a little, but it’s too early to tell if either won earned a swing state.”

He also told me he thought Clinton looks better to the uninformed voter because she sounded better.

The next question I asked was do you think the first debates set up any questions or answers for the next debate?

Who do you think has done better in the first two presidential debates?

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Spencer told me that Trump did better in the second debate, but he still needs to practice more. He also told me that he thought Pence did very well in his debate. Farwick told me that he thinks the emails and Benghazi will come up more in the next debate for Clinton. He also told me he thinks Trump’s taxes will come up more.

Harrison said, “Yes. I think it will be more beneficial to ask them directly about certain topics, and get them to give their opinions and plans on those topics.”

The last question I asked was, “Was your opinion affected in any way by the debates?”

Spencer, Farwick, and Harrison all said their opinions had not really been changed because of the debates. Farwick added, “Make American Great Again.”

It’s obvious this debate is going to go down to the wire. It will be very close, and no one will know the answer to wins the White House until November 8th, 2016. May the best candidate win.