Challenges and fads come and go

…so let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of our favorites and least favorites.

Challenges and fads come and go

This current generation of kids and young adults is undoubtedly a novelty, and it is obvious that our generation is unlike any generation before us.  Back before the days of Twitter, Vine, Facebook and the like, I imagine that the only challenges and fads were jumping over fences and fetching water from the local well.  That is no stab at older generations, but perhaps just my own ignorance thereof.

Nonetheless, it is a fact that kids today are finding different ways to have fun and pass the time.  While to the older generations, it may seem that all we are capable of is walking around with our noses pressed into our phones, there is much more to it than texting our bros and tweeting at our foes.  Contrary to popular belief, a great deal of work goes into shaping and determining the course of our generation’s development.

When I say “development,” I’m not talking about ending racism and violence.  I’m talking about coming together by means never before used for generational unification.  To be specific, we’re talking about the challenges exhibited on social media platforms that have essentially saved the world from every possible predator.

That may seem unlikely at first, but think about it.  Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Former Principle Tom Otten participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Former Principle Tom Otten participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I sure do.  All over the nation, all around the globe and all throughout the galaxy; men, women, and children; young and old; liberal and conservative, were filling buckets with ice and pouring it over their heads.   Fast forward to today, and you’ll be amazed at just how far we’ve come.  Months have passed and I haven’t heard anything about ALS since.  It’s safe to say that the Ice Bucket Challenge ended that affliction indefinitely.

The list doesn’t end there, though.  Rewind a bit further, and you’ll remember the Cinnamon Challenge.  Boy, oh boy.  The cinnamon challenge is a bit more complex so bear with me.  When someone accepts the cinnamon challenge, he or she takes an entire spoonful of cinnamon.  Next, said person tries to swallow the cinnamon. Finally…, actually that is all.  That’s the entire challenge. You swallow cinnamon, and after that, God loves you and you are a champion.

YouTube stars "Slo-Mo Guys" try and fail the Cinnamon Challenge
YouTube stars “Slo-Mo Guys” try and fail the Cinnamon Challenge

Moving even further down the line, the memories get kind of hazy.  If you really search your mind, though, you might remember the Salt and Ice challenge.  This challenge brings together the best of both worlds.  Salt, obviously brings out the flavor and the goodness in most foods.  Meanwhile, ice makes things cold.

Combine both of them by sprinkling a line of salt on the soft surface of a person’s skin, then apply pressure to a piece of ice, on top of the salt.  A bit of science transpires, and eventually, the entire area of salt and ice fusion, becomes a frozen tundra of human skin.  We all need to take the time to thank the Salt and Ice challenge for ending the global warming crisis.

Doesn't look too good, but at least your arm isn't too hot!
Doesn’t look too good, but at least your arm isn’t too hot!

This period of time is about as far back as I can remember before the truth becomes distorted, but I also vaguely remember some sort of video challenge called “The Harlem Shake.”  I don’t think that it was a challenge, but it absolutely was pointless.  The only reason I mention the infamous Harlem Shake, though, is because it is strangely familiar to an extremely current challenge.

Of course, I’m talking about the Mannequin Challenge.  The Mannequin Challenge consists of two main components.  The first and most important aspect, is the song.  “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd, must be playing in the background.  Next, a group of people, we’ll say about ten or more, stands completely still.  We’re just getting started though.  Actually, I’m wrong again.  That’s it.

I wish I could make a joke about how this is helping society but I can’t even make up a decent lie.  This challenge is abysmally useless and beyond stupid.  I’m not proud to say that the Quill Staff attempted to join in the fad, but a couple of dimwits kept moving, blinking their eyes, and being overall un-mannequin-like.  Oh well.  Let’s hope the video never surfaces.

Keep your head on a swivel these next few months.  More of these will be popping up.  It’s your job to figure out which ones will save the world, and which ones will make you look like an idiot on social media.