A plunge into the bathrooms of Elder High School

Attention freshman! Have you ever wondered about where the best restrooms are here at Elder? (Here is your inside guide to the best bathrooms, and the pros and the cons of each,) This is the Elder High School Bathroom Review.

Number 5: Freshman Football Locker Room

Starting off at number five is the Freshman Football Locker Room in the basement. This is a great bathroom to use throughout the day if you feel like being alone; that way you do not have to worry about a courtesy flush. The con on this bathroom is there is no service in the locker room, so if you have that thing in your pocket that should be in your locker; don’t plan on using it down there.

Number 4: Second Floor Bathroom

Number four is definitely the second floor bathroom in the main building. The only really nice feature this bathroom has is the luxury of having a heater right next to the stall in the winter time. So while all the other restrooms are kind of warm, this one feel like a sauna. It is so nice. The con is how it’s on the second floor and there is a lot of traffic flowing in and out so it might be awkward if you are planning a longer stay.

Number 3: Fieldhouse Upstairs

Not many people have been able to frequent our  number three spot, because I do believe it is closed during the school day most of the time. However, it is the little single bathroom in the upstairs of the Fieldhouse, right next to the Ticket Office. It is nice because you are completely alone and you don’t have to worry about your own manly stench. The only con is that it is not normally open so it is a hard luxury to experience.

Number 2: Freshman Wing

Coming in at a whopping number two is the Freshman Wing bathroom. It is a nice bathroom all together, but it is a little steamy in the beginning and end of the school year. However it is pretty warm in the winter, not as warm as the second floor but it comes in a pretty close second. The other perk is that the single stall has its own sink, so if you are embarrassed you can wash your hands and wait for the other awkward guy to leave, and then you can come out. Another great thing is that this is the only restroom in the school that has paper towels always available. It’s really bad trying to dry your hands with that oversized blow dryer, so the paper towels are a huge plus. The only con about this bathroom is the fact that there is only one stall.

“You know sometimes when you are going, especially in the more summertime feeling months. You start to sweat and the paper towels in the bathroom are a really nice feature, so you can blot the sweat dripping down your face,” said senior Ryan Murray

Number 1: Schaeper Center

The number one pick overall is easily, by far, the Schaeper Center bathroom. This is a no brainer with all the pros. These pros include the fact that it is air conditioned; also there are six, yes six urinals, and three stalls. The handicap stall is by far the best in that bathroom, the vent for the air conditioner is right next to you when you are using it. Another plus is the little hooks on the inside of the stall door so you do not have to put your back pack on the ground. Also it is always a very clean bathroom; since it is a great bathroom most people don’t want to mess it up. There are not any cons except for the fact that they should put paper towels in it.

“You don’t have to worry about getting hot,” said Senior Carl Lengerich,

“The AC makes it feel like I’m at home.”