Who can answer the call to fight?

A look at some of Elder’s finest military men.


The United States draft has not been implemented since the Vietnam War.  Those who were drafted in World War II, and the Vietnam War, were a collection of young men at the ripe age of eighteen and older.

The young men who were brave enough to fight in those wars were undoubtedly an example of fortitude and patriotism to one’s country.  Nowadays, some may argue that men, such as the ones previously mentioned, are not easy to find in the modern world.

As much as that may be true, some men truly posses the fight and determination to fight in combat for the United States Military.  Unbeknownst to many, some students here at Elder High School prove worthy of military aspirations.

I asked one of Elder High School’s finest students, senior Adam Gerhardt, about who would be best to serve in the United States Armed Forces.  Quite contrary to many beliefs, he answered fellow senior John Rokich.  He didn’t have much of a reasoning as he quietly said, “I mean I don’t know. I guess Scrot-, I mean John, just seems like a guy who could wreck havoc in an Marine uniform.”

Adam continued, “Another guy I think would be worth mentioning would be Pat Queen.  His demeanor resembles a military man who can be a bat out of hell when disturbed.”  Of course, I am sure no guy here at Elder would like to get on Sir Patty Queen’s bad side.

I turned to another senior who has a vast knowledge of American politics, and is full of American intelligence.  That man, is John Huschart.  I asked John the same question as Adam: “Who is the best Elder man to serve in the military if there was another draft?”

John stumbled, but then responded, “When thinking of the most capable military men at Elder, you have to consider Brad Uehlein and Dominic Damico.”  Surely, those men exemplify what it means to be a military man.  The consistent Purple Friday apparel of Brad Uehlein in camouflage shows his devotion and respect to the military.  With such respect and devotion, Brad would be an asset to whatever military branch needs him.

I asked Chris Klumb who he thought would best serve the United States in the military.  Without second-guessing, Chris answered, “Oh, ya know, Mitch Gibbs would probably be a good guy to have in the military.”  Confused, I asked him why he thought a guy like Gibbs would serve well in the armed forces.  Klumb answered, “He is a good guy that can get the job done.  He’s a person that people can trust their lives with.”

Chris also said that Jeremiah Weiss would be a good Elder man to place in the military, simply that he believes that Jeremiah aspires to join the armed forces after high school.  “I believe Jeremy is actually going to the military after high school, so that right there shows that he would be a good fit.  Any guy willing to enlist after high school must have given good thought and knows what they are doing,” Klumb remarked.

As Zach Fries pondered on his selection for best Elder men to join the military, he answered, “I’d go with Money (Zach Lyons), and Diz (Zach Dehner).”  Both of those Elder men have strong builds with giant guns, figuratively.  It’s hard to argue that either of those fellas would struggle being in a service that would require lots of yelling and lifting (that’s directed towards you, Money).

All in all, some people may suffice in the US Military after all.  With the training that Elder places on its students in becoming well-rounded individuals, it isn’t hard to believe that would transfer to the battlefield.