Hollywood’s effect on Halloween

Hollywoods effect on Halloween

The month of October is best known for a holiday that resides on its final day, Halloween.  October 31st is filled with pumpkins, ghouls, and fright.

Halloween has had an eerie flavor to it ever since the Celtic festival of Samhain.  On this day, now known as Halloween, the Gaels believed that the boundaries that encased the living and the dead overlapped, and the dead would come back to damage their crops.  This holiday has come a long way since that Celtic festival.

In America, Halloween is celebrated by trick-o-treating and watching scary movies.  Hollywood has affected this holiday ever since the first camera rested on the California landscape in 1911. Kids dress up as their favorite movie character or celebrity, box office horrors scare their viewers, and even the carving of pumpkins is based on well-known Hollywood figures.

As kids trudge up and down streets in search of candy, they are styled in some great costumes.  Most of these costumes are inspired by Hollywood.  From Batman to the Joker and from Barbie to Ken, Hollywood has inspired youngsters to be just like their favorite character for one night of the year.  A lot of costumes this year will be based on summer block busters, and popular television shows.

Coach Schoenfeld, Elder’s head basketball coach, said, “A lot of people show up to parties in the latest and hottest costumes.”

There is also the classic costume like Darth Vader that still survives eight years after the last Star Wars movie production.

When Halloween is brought up, there are iconic movies that come to mind.  Hollywood has produced some thrillers during the month of October, and these films add to the culture of Halloween.  There have been 10 chapters of Michael Myers stalking helpless victims in the Halloween movies.  These big screen productions are a favorite of senior Austin Koch.

Halloween is not the only franchise to keep viewers hiding underneath blankets.  Friday the 13th and the Saw series have been scaring movie goers ever since, fictional serial killer, Jason began thrashing victims in 1980.

Koch also said, “The movies get scarier around this time of year.”

Hollywood feeds off Halloween’s eerie origins.  These movies typically involve paranormal activity, mysteries, and serial killers.  Because of Hollywood, witches and goblins look “cute” when they stand next to the likes of Myers, Jigsaw, and Krueger.

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The cable box does not stand on the sidelines for this holiday either.  Numerous channels have Halloween specials that run the length of the 10th month of the year.  AMC, ABC Family, and Disney Channel are all familiar with Halloween, and they try to get their viewers in the Halloween spirit.  AMC is kicking off their Halloween marathons with the highly anticipated fourth season premiere of The Walking Dead.

ABC Family also plays movies and shows related to the holiday.  ABC Family has different specials and movies during their 13 Nights of Halloween.  Disney has many productions related to Halloween like the Halloweentown series, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire, and The Scream Team.

Television shows also seem to share the Halloween spirit.  Many shows have a Halloween special, and others use special effects, like Sports Center, during this time of year. Coach Schoenfeld said his all-time favorite Halloween show is the classic It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Hollywood has had its effect on Halloween from the costumes to the movies.  As Halloween fast approaches, the notorious notes from the movie Halloween will tickle piano strings, and the feeling of Michael Myers right around every corner will become ever-present.