Trump’s first 100 days

A review of Donald Trump’s first one-hundred days in office.



If someone would have told me four years ago that Donald Trump would succeed Barack Obama as our next President, then I probably would have laughed in their face, but here we are in May of 2017 to take a look his first 100 days as President of the United States.

As far as I’m concerned, this election may have been one of the most controversial and childish elections we have seen. A combo of Hillary’s emails and Trump’s explicit comments about the female anatomy led this to be one of the most idiotic campaigns between both candidates.

Lucas Downey said in one of his previous articles on the election, “This race has been one that is without a doubt the most dramatic, messy, and reality TV-like elections to this date.” See Lucas Downey’s article.

Right you are Lucas, but nonetheless, we are already through Trump’s first three months as President, and there are certainly mixed feelings about what he has done.

So here I am going to take a look on Trump’s current Presidency based on Clint Eastwood‘s classic western film; The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good

Trump and newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch from

Appointing Neil Gorsuch as the 113th justice of the Supreme Court: This is viewed by many as the best thing he has done thus far as President. The 49-year old judge from Denver has been respected by his colleagues since his days at Harvard for his professionalism and advocacy of natural law philosophy.

Trump’s power to appoint at least one justice, if not more, was vital to why many conservatives backed him in the primary against other Republicans like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

“Trump has now proven his leadership abilities to delegate,” says Nick Harris. “I think he has chosen the right man to be a Supreme Court justice for the next potentially thirty years.”

The Bad 

Trump’s initial 90-day limit on immigrants from terror-torn nations was unsuccessful due to its poor content. Unfortunately, after it was corrected, the second travel ban that was new and improved was shut down by a different of judges.

This illustrated that Trump is new to the job. Some may have felt that he was going to hit the ground running with perfection, but a slip-up on his end was inevitable.

“Mistakes will happen,” says senior Austin Watson. “But being a good president comes with time, so I’m still standing by Trump.”

The Ugly 

As stated earlier, this was one of the ugliest elections in history. People wearing “Make America Great Again” hats have been beaten, riots have gotten out of hand, and there has been a march for any conceivable subject for no reasons that I still don’t understand. Trump has also received one of the lowest approval ratings for a President’s first three months in the last fifty years.

Many people are still crying because he won the election, but I say it is time for those cry-babies to move on. I wasn’t happy when Obama won back to back elections, but I got over it.

Trump and Obama have a meeting before his inauguration from

This hand-out society that has been created has led to selfish brats through a riot whenever they don’t get what they want.

Overall, I think you can’t judge a President’s four-year term after only three months. He has done okay to this point, but has a lot of time left to really make his mark as President.