Is the RompHim the look for summer ’17?


Is this the look for Summer ’17?

We live in a world filled with fads of all sorts.

Some fads catch on forever, like the dab, others just come and go. Many fads that have been seen recently are Harambe memes and fidget spinners. But a new fad has just recently arisen to go along with the rest of the field. Along with those fads, the latest “fashion trend” of 2017 is the RompHim, a one piece swim suit for males.

Is .007 the spark behind the latest fashion trend?

The RompHim is coming in hot as the summer draws nearer and nearer. The latest fashion trend has been all over social media and has been constantly being praised or criticized on whether or not it is acceptable to wear. It all was started as a Kickstarter project by four college students,  with a goal to raise $10,000, the students have raised over $360,000 in pledged donations in the past couple of weeks.

I am really hoping that these “RompHims” follow  “suit” with some of the fads that only last about the maximum duration of a week. I am not a fan of these at all.

I don’t think that it’s a good look on any dude who thinks he can pull it off.

I am as of this point 100% against anyone wearing this apparel out in public or even at anytime. Here are a few of my reasons:

1. Rompers just simply aren’t for the boys

I think that the rompers look alright on the ladies, I mean sure they have been wearing them for quite awhile now and it is at least acceptable for them to wear rompers. Whereas, men, this trend is just starting up and there are only a few things that look worse. You wouldn’t think a man wearing a dress looks good and the romper is the same concept. I don’t even think that it’s possible to use the restroom in a RompHim without fully taking it off.

Cam Newton was one of the first to showcase the Romp-Him at Coachella this past year

2.  Where would one even wear one of these things?

Lord Disick relaxes on the East Coast shores

I’m sure the look would be killer while “dartying” with Lord Disick out in the Hamptons, but I mean for the vast majority of us I don’t see that happening within the near future. Coachella would be another acceptable place to wear this, but yet again I don’t feel like any Panthers will make the venture out to Cali’ to see a few artists perform.

I love Coachella as much as the next guy, but with that being said, I don’t think I will ever go out of my way to be surrounded by a bunch of wannabe hippies trying to re-live the events that took place back when Woodstock was still rockin’. So unless you find yourself hangin’ around with the Kardashians or eating some crab cakes on the East Coast, that the RompHim isn’t for you.

3.  Why can’t this be compromised with a t-shirt and shorts?

I get that men who choose to wear a RompHim are possibly trying to reveal a little more skin than usual, but is it really necessary to wear a one piece. I think that by wearing a button down shirt and a pair of shorts you could pretty closely resemble a RompHim without wasting those extra bucks on your male romper. And by going with this simplistic combination you will avoid judgement from fellow pedestrians who think the same way as I do.

I’ll refrain from continuing my rant against RompHims and won’t beat a dead horse, but I really hope for your own best interest that you will not find yourself in one of these onesies this coming Summer.