Get off your knees

Some NFL players will continue to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem this season.


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The NFL and USA face another season of controversy as the protests continue.

As the NFL season returns, controversy is back on the gridiron once again. With all of the compassion and knocking around that occurs between the sidelines, it is amazing how something that happens off the field has caused a nationwide uproar.

I am talking about the kneeling during the National Anthem.

It all started last year by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and even though he is no longer in the league, he started a trend across all 32 NFL teams to carry on kneeling during the National Anthem to speak up for justice.

Colin Kaepernick starter of the trend is since out of the league

This year during the preseason, the trend

seemed to continue as several members of the Cleveland Browns players circled up in prayer during the playing of the National Anthem.

Jabril Peppers, rookie safety for the Browns said that he and his teammates in no way meant to disrespect our country, but were praying for all of the injustices that happen in America.

A group of Browns players ‘pray’ during the national anthem during the preseason.

Jabril seems to have good intentions but many of the Cleveland Brown fan base do not think that this should be the time for prayer and that Browns players should pray before or after the Anthem and not during.

People from all around such as coaches, players, fans, and even former presidents have spoken up about the issue giving their reason for why it is right or wrong to take a knee for the National Anthem.

Cowboys manager Jerry Jones told his players before last Sunday night’s game that they are actors on his stage and he wants them to portray the role of patriotic super heroes, as he told his players that they will stand for the Anthem with their hands over their hearts. He went on saying that it is a sacred day addressing the 9/11 attacks that occurred 16 years ago. He wants his players to provide a good example for the children looking up to these athletes as role models.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees  spoke up about the issue saying that he agrees with some of the issues that Kaepernick is trying to address, but he thinks that Kaepernick’s message is not being properly delivered and that it should never be delivered at that time.

Drew Brees standing proudly for his country during the playing of the National Anthem.

Former president of the United States Barack Obama had a similar response as Brees reminding our nation that our flag stands for the men and women who have ever served our nation and those whom are currently serving it. He is, however, aware of the issues that NFL players are trying to expose.

Coach of the 2017 National Champion Clemson Tigers Dabo Swinney said that he thinks kneeling during the Anthem promotes a bad image for yourself and your team and that protesting should be done somewhere else.

I strongly believe that anyone who does not show respect for the National Anthem is disrespecting all members who serve our nation no matter what race or gender they may be. I think that doing this is a direct slap in the face to every troop who is battling so that we have the right to kneel whenever we see fit.

I do believe that people should have the right to protest but I do not think that it should ever be during the playing of the National Anthem because of the men and women who fight for our great country. There are so many better platforms to express beliefs but the National Anthem is something that should be greatly respected among all Americans from every walk of life.

I think that standing respectfully for the Anthem is the very least we can do for those protecting our rights and homes. I don’t think that it is too much to ask wanting us to stand for about two minutes and do not consider it at all taxing on the body. It is great to speak up for your beliefs because that is what makes this country so great but during the playing of the Anthem, I believe it is our duty as Americans to give our full attention to the Stars and Stripes and think about all that we are given as Americans.