Poster Club journeys back to the walls

As the 2017-2018 school year begins, the cafeteria has a new but familiar look. For many underclassman students here at Elder High School, the poster club might not be a known topic. For the underclassman that aren’t sure what the club is, just look overhead in the cafeteria. The poster club is responsible for all of the posters that hang in the cafeteria. The posters are made for sports teams, clubs, dances, and other events. They help promote clubs, sports teams, organizations, and also give heads up for big games.

Photo taken from @ElderHighSchool twitter
Members of the Poster Club working hard

To try to learn more about the origins of the poster club, I talked to Elder teacher and ’61 graduate Mr. Kreimer. He told me the club was around when he was a student, and he does not know when it started. However, this last school year, the club folded.

To get more information about this, I talked to Elder’s Art dept. teacher, Mrs. Plagge. One of the reasons why the club stalled for one year, was because of the lack of interest. Students were becoming less interested, so this year, one of the main priorities was to get the club back.

“Mr. Buetche (art teacher) and I had talked to Mr. Reiring about getting our art guys involved. In the recent past, there has not been a lot of interest, so we have an opportunity to make the cafeteria a lot more interesting,” said Mrs. Plagge.

I also wanted to learn about the club itself so I talked to senior member Austin Gilkey. The club has about twenty to twenty five members, mostly consisting of upperclassman. One of the main goals of the poster club is to meet every other Monday. The meetings are open to anyone that would like come. Some of the posters that will be made very soon are the fall dance and one for the poster club itself. So far this year, the posters have been pretty impressive.

“My favorite poster is the “Boys are back” because it’s the coolest,” said Austin.

Posters like the football “Boys are back” can be very time consuming. First, members figure out which posters they will do. Whoever decides to do a certain poster comes up with the design. Each poster is completed at different times. For example, the Super Smash Bros. poster took a few meetings to be complete.

Each poster includes a “production” saying. For example, the cross country poster says “a couch potato prod.”

“A “production” basically, it’s kind of to add humor to the posters. Usually they are related to topic of the poster,” said Gilkey.

Austin said the posters he made are; the Hiking club, the Student Ambassador club (which is located above Mrs. Korn’s office), and helped out with the “Boys are back” posters.

The poster club has been off to a great start in this new school year. The club has passionate members that create cool looking posters. The club provides a fresh look around an area everyone is in at least once each day, the cafeteria. With the help of dedicated students and teachers, another Elder tradition continues.