Five best shows to purge on Netflix

Five best shows to purge on Netflix

One of the best ways to watch any show is to sit down and have a Netflix purge. Staring at a screen for three hours a day for three weeks is the only way to truly take in a show. Netflix gives you an insane amount of choices to click through. I compiled a list to help you not wast time sifting through all the bad shows so you can start watching tonight.

 My Name is Earl

I may be biased putting My Name is Earl in this list because it is easily one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Earl’s a bad guy changing into the guy trying to the right thing is just too funny. The reoccurring jokes are what make this show great to purge on. Hearing Crabman say, “Hey Earl” six times in two hours can bring a person to tears of laugher. My Name is Earl is quickly paced and makes for an easy watch.

Prison Break

After showing my article to the section editors of The Quill, they scolded me for not including this one. I had never seen it. After I watched a couple of episodes I definitely could see why someone could watch this show for hours. It’s sprinting pace makes it a fast and exciting watch. Cliffhangers make sure you click the next episode button. I may have to return to this show for myself soon.

Breaking Bad

This is my least favorite show on this list but I still see how it could be an incredible watch. When I watched it I didn’t move for the entire first season. I was entrenched in the world of Walter White. After the first season I stopped watching and I’m not sure why. But the popular opinion definitely had me put this in here. I couldn’t ignore one of the most popular shows on the TV and Netflix.

Arrested Development

This show proves there will always be money in the banana stand. This show’s ace in the hole was its reoccurring jokes. When you watch it broken up you miss a lot of this show, but pushed together the show blends masterfully. Arrested Development can entirely be watched at home in one night. It is the funniest show on Netflix. This Show could be flipped with number one if it wasn’t for the lackluster fourth season.

 Doctor Who

Most people= see this show in their Netflix and pass it over. Most people haven’t heard of this show being that is it a Sci-Fi show from England. They are making a huge mistake. This show is incredible and with long arcing stories it makes a wonderful purge. Deep story telling will make you want to cry then you can laugh at the cheesy jokes. Even if you don’t like Sci-Fi or British TV go watch this show! Allons-y!