Cleves-Warsaw construction riles drivers

Road Closed a sign all too familiar for drivers on the Westside

“Road Closed” a sign all too familiar for drivers on the Westside

Last spring, the road on Cleves Warsaw experienced a small collapse in one of the lanes. As a compromise to the issue a “temporary” stoplight was put in place in hopes to make the road only one lane so that drivers could safely pass through the side of the road that is still intact.

The temporary stoplight that was put up last spring

As anyone who has traveled on this road can tell, the construction seems to go a bit slower for whatever reason. Recently, we had the bridge which seemed to last for years, the pothole on Van Blaricum, and now this. As a daily commuter on this road I am starting to grow tired of this constant construction and am ready for it to be fixed. I speak for the vast majority of people because most are extremely irked by the constant construction.

“Driving by that light every single day since last spring, I might have made the light maybe three times in all of my experiences. It wouldn’t be that bad if the light wasn’t so long, but every time it feels like five minutes go by before the light turns from red to green,” said frustrated driver Will Austing.

As many thought that the light would be temporarily in place until the road was fixed as time continues it doesn’t look as if that’s the case. “I don’t think that I have seen any work on the road being done to the road since the light has been put in and that is not something that makes me feel good. I am worried that this temporary light and inconvenience is slowly becoming a permanent solution to the damage road.”

The sink hole on Van Blaricum a road that connects to Cleves Warsaw

Also, Van Blaricum has not been worked on at all, causing a detour for drivers making it a hassle to go around. What used to be such an easy go through is now gone. “Van Blaricum is a pretty big sinkhole right now and has been for some time now and I don’t think that the city has any money for repairs on either of the streets so it’s pretty much up in the air as for what will end up happening to the two roadways,” added Austing.

It seems that in my driving career, the Westside of Cincinnati is in constant road repair in at least one place or another, it’s almost like the streets rotate which one will be repaired and it is a constant cycle and the people are tired of it.

The road leads towards the massive pothole

With this being said, I know that there is a lot more involved in the process then just saying fix the road because it’s broken, but one would hope that there can at least be something that can help rid us of the constant nuisance called road repair.  I get that roads wear as they are driven on more and more, but I don’t think that it’s too much to ask for at least fixing either the pot hole on Van Blaricum or the road where the not so temporary stoplight has been placed.