The collision of sports and politics


In recent history, we have seen that two worlds that clearly don’t go together, have collided and have caused a major talk among the people of the United States. These two worlds are politics and sports. We have seen many examples why these two worlds just don’t get along at all. It seems today that this statement is truer today than ever. It is a known fact that sports and politics just can’t get along.

The major talk in the past month has been the NFL players kneeling, sitting, or not even being out for the National Anthem. There are two sides to the argument. One side says they have the right to protest the anthem while the other says they all should stand to honor the flag and the military. Here is a prime example of the political world making its way into the sports world.

To me, this situation is just absurd, not because the players are kneeling, but the amount of attention it has got. In all honesty, I do believe they should stand, but I’m not going to complain or harass people that want to kneel and protest. I think they should just put their political views and all things aside for just a solid two minute to give thanks to the great country we live in today. You can protest all you want on social media and other times, but not during our National Anthem.

If the media didn’t make this story such a big deal, I honestly think the players would stop kneeling because they are doing it for the attention of the media so that people can see them protesting, hoping others will join them. So to the media, stop making these protests the center of attention when there are bigger and more important things going on than just some football players kneeling for the anthem.

Another topic that caught attention that revolved around these two worlds colliding is the beef between President Trump and Steph Curry. It all started when Steph Curry said he wasn’t going to visit the White House with the Golden State Warriors for winning the NBA Championship. When President Trump found out about this, he took to twitter (like he normally does) and decided to express his thoughts.

After his tweet, other players responded to it by taking Steph’s side. One player in particular, LeBron James, responded to President Trump calling him a bum.

Now in this situation, there are players that supported Steph, while others said that they would go to the White House if they had the opportunity. For me, this confrontation made me laugh because of the people involved. It is not every day that you see a president and an NBA player getting into some twitter beef.

In my opinion, I think Steph should go to the White House because it is a tradition. Yes, I understand a lot of people don’t like Trump and his views, but if for once people could put their political views aside and just be sports fans for once, things would go so much better. In contrast however, I think President Trump should have kept his mouth shut when he learned that Steph declined the offer to come to the White House. If Steph doesn’t want to go to the White House that is his choice, don’t make it a bigger deal than it has to be.

So, as we all can tell, politics and sports do not go together one bit. Sadly, it seems that politics has blown up since the last presidential election. People’s views has caused major disputes not just in the political world, but our everyday lives. It seems that every situation of dispute revolves around a person’s views and if they are a Republican or Democrat. If people could put their political views aside for once and work together, I guarantee that we would see better results as a country.

The political world has its place and the sports has its own world too. Let them be different and stop trying to bring them together because obviously it causes nothing but dispute.