Do teachers have too much power?

Snape all represents evil teachers

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Snape all represents evil teachers

The Elder student handbook is full of loopholes that the faculty can use to their advantage. Teachers base their discipline on basic guidelines. However, there are  disciplinary actions that teachers can take solely based on their own discretion.

I have received a brick sheet in the past for performing the basic human function of passing gas. I also see favoritism in the classroom at times. For example, a student who gets caught talking by a teacher who likes him will receive a softer penalty if the teacher catches a student that he doesn’t like.

I am an advocate for a clearer student guide handbook that does not leave the rules open for interpretation by the teachers.

On another note, the teacher should not be able to disallow the student from using the restroom. Not being able to use the restroom suppresses the student’s ability to learn. The teachers believes we should use the restroom in between classes however, our bodily functions are not always parallel with the daily schedule and teachers shouldn’t expect it to be.

The OSHA laws regarding restroom use is under 29 CFR 1910.141(c)(l)(i). It states that is required to allow the people of a business or office proper restroom facilities and the eligible use of those facilities.

This is a law for a business. My thought is that we are not at Vietnamese sweat shop where we have to be chained to the ground. We deserve the use of these facilities.

According to, “If you don’t empty your bladder on a regular basis, the bacteria are more likely to sit and multiply in the bladder. This can lead to a UTI.” It is not only unethical to make a kid hold their bladder, negatively effecting their learning but it is detrimental to their health.

Ben Farwick told me, “I have been forced to hold it in and it was immensely painful.”

This kind of torture should not be allowed in our school.