World War Three lurks

World War Three lurks

As we all know very well, the world is in much turmoil. Nations across the globe continue to pose as threats to one another, causing more and more tension as each day goes by. This tension extends beyond just one country against another, it includes countries fighting against groups. Therefore, the start of a third world war could be upon us sooner than we think.

This idea of a third worldwide large-scale military conflict has been brought up ever since the second world war came to a conclusion in 1945. While we came close to one throughout the rest of the twentieth century between the United States and the former Soviet Union, the conflict never became militaristic.

A war today would most likely be nuclear, due to the possession of these deadly weapons by many nations. According to sophomore Joseph Beiter, nuclear weaponry would be the main cause of a new war.

“If we did, it would be over a country trying to prove whether they have nuclear weapons or not,” \said Beiter. Due to many countries claiming that they have a variety of nuclear weapons in their arsenal, this could potentially be the reason for a world war.

Today, turmoil is rampant throughout the world. Countries continue to threaten each other with missiles, nuclear bombs, air strikes and more. For example, as many of us know, the United States has expereinced increasing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

The two nations have been threatening each other for several years, and the threats have increased as time has gone by. While the United States has plenty of missiles and bombs that are capable of serious damage in their arsenal, it is unknown if North Korea has missiles and bombs that can match that of the United States.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is ready for war. The country’s Supreme Leader stated, “If the American imperialists provoke us a bit, we will not hesitate to slap them with a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The United States must choose!”

North Korea showcases their arsenal of missiles (photo from Out of Left Field)

President Donald Trump, continually bashes North Korea and Kim Jong Un, who is known as “Rocket Man” to President Trump.

While Trump likes to have his fun with North Korea, he does realize that they could potentially be a serious threat to millions of United States citizens. “We cannot allow this dictatorship to threaten our nation or our allies with unimaginable loss of life,” Trump stated in an interview with top-ranked military officers.

This isn’t the only one of the United States current problems.

Ever since the end of the second world war, the United States and Russia (Soviet Union until 1991) have had lots of tension towards each other. Recently, the United States has accused Russia of interfering with the presidential campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The hacking started in September of 2015, and investigations of the hacking continues. The United States blames the Russian government for many of these cyber-attacks, but Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, denies that the Russian government played a part in these hackings, specifically the presidential campaign. Putin said that a child could have easily hacked into America’s presidential campaign.

Another area involving many countries is the conflict in the Middle East.

The Middle East is a hot mess. Land disputes and attacks have been frequent in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, and other Middle Eastern countries date back to the end of World War II, when Arabs and Israelis had a dispute over the holy land in Israel.

Along with civil unrest in the Middle East, religiously motivated extremists continue to destroy Middle Eastern countries and threaten countries around the world with attacks. These terrorist groups such as ISIS can potentially provoke a country into starting a war with them.

ISIS rolls through in their vehicles (photo from CNN)

If these countries and terrorist groups would officially go to war, the potential damage to humanity and the world as we know it could be devastating. Many nations and unfortunately terrorist groups have access to nuclear weapons, and nobody knows how these weapons will be used.

Nuclear bombs are becoming more advanced and more dangerous as the years pass and days go by. The first nuclear bomb was used at Hiroshima in Japan in 1945, and that killed at least seventy-thousand people, and injured thousands of others. If this bomb from 1945 killed this many people, how many will the bombs today kill? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Will it destroy nations? Continents? The world?

The war is approaching, and the world does not have long to settle out these problems because before we know it, nuclear fallout will be a constant sight in our daily lives, wherever you are in the world.