You can binge-watch cable too


Normally when people hear the term “binge-watching”, they instantly think of Netflix. But there are many shows that are currently on that service. This article will look at some of the shows that are not currently on Netflix that people enjoy binge watching.

Senior Sam Kayse’s favorite shows to binge watch are on HBO. “I like Game of Thrones, and the Band of Brothers series. I’m really big on that one. I’m currently watching Game of Thrones. I’m on season four, and it’s pretty good,” Kayse said.

He only complaint is that he can’t binge-watch them for too long because they are both an hour long. This is similar to the problem you would have binge-watching any hour long shows.

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Other popular shows to binge-watch seemed to be on two main channels: Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. Kayse recommended I shouldn’t be alive on Animal Planet saying, “I do not know if it is still airing, but I definitely enjoyed I shouldn’t be alive. There would be days when I just watched that.”

Senior Nick Folzenlogan recommended another show that used to be on airing on Animal Planet. The difference between Folzenlogan show and I shouldn’t be alive is Folzenlogan’s choice had a YouTube channel. The Turtle Man now can only be found online. Ernie now runs his own YouTube channel where he posts new videos about keeping up with the Turtle Man.

Folzenlogan also recommended two shows on the discovery channel: Ice Road Truckers and Moonshiners. “I like Ice Road Truckers. That is entertaining… You know I like watching some of the hillbillies with the accents driving down the street like ‘man I’m gonna go off the road. You know man’ (said in a country accent) Moonshiners is another good one.”

The other event that you can only binge-watch once a year is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. It is one of week of only sharks during the summer. It was brought up by Kayse, and it is personally my favorite week of TV. “That’s a great week to binge watch some shark footage: some raw footage,” said Kayse.

Two other shows on the discovery channel that were given honorable mention were Ax Men and The Last Frontier. “Ten out of ten would recommend,” said Kayse.

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Folzenlogan also went on a long rant about his favorite TV shows to binge watch. He said, “If I’m being serious now, I’ve got to go with Duck Dynasty,  you have to love it. You have to love Phil Robertson.  Good Conservative. I believe in a lot of things he does. He is catholic just like I am. He is down to have a family meal everyday just like I am.”

Folzenlogan’s other favorite shows are Impractical Jokers and The Big Bang Theory. He said they are both hilarious.

There are plenty of shows to binge-watch on TV. My personal favorite non-Netflix show to binge-watch is Shark Tank. If you ever can’t think of a show to watch on Netflix, check out your cable. You may just find your new favorite show.