St. Nick: Underrated?!?


With St. Nicholas coming to stuff our stockings on December 5th, many of us are anticipating the sheer excitement of getting to crack into the stocking for some new goodies. However, most people sleep on this holiday, and do not give it all the credit it deserves. I think that the amount of presents or gifts received on this day are a nice teaser or appetizer before the humongous feast that is Christmas. Although, I do think that St. Nick’s day is overshadowed by Christmas and does not always get the credit or attention it necessarily deserves.

Some items you can expect to receive on this day from St. Nick include: assorted candies, a variety of gift cards, and perhaps other large gifts depending how naughty or how nice you have been in St. Nick’s eyes. Although I do not think I have ever personally heard of a kid legitimately getting nothing on Christmas or St. Nick’s day for being ‘naughty.’ Seems like pretty much everyone is on the ‘nice’ list.

Vince Sabato told me, “I think there is a huge difference between Santa and St. Nick. One brings a whole bundle of presents for me whereas the other only brings me a little dabble or taste of presents. However, I do not think that St. Nick is underrated.”

I caught up with a gaggle of Mercy girls, who told me, “We all like St. Nick’s day, it gets us pretty excited for Christmas and really sets the tone for our weeks ahead.”

I also asked them what the difference between St. Nick and Santa was, and they responded, “Santa is like the fatter guy, who brings all the really big cool presents, and St. Nick is more of a nice guy, who goes out of his way to bring presents to the kids.”

To me, Santa and St. Nick are the same person, and Santa just uses the guise of St. Nick so that he may get basically a practice run in before his Super Bowl, which is Christmas.

Another thing I think is that St. Nick’s day is one of the most underrated holidays. And here is why. Most parents do not go all out for St. Nick’s day, they just dabble in gifts such as gift cards, and candy that are simple yet very pleasing to the kids. In my opinion there is nothing better than a solid gift card to like chipotle, skyline, or any other popular eateries around the West side.

Also, candy is a big time choice for parents on this holiday. This is because, every one loves candy, as long as you get like some sour patch kids, skittles, or any other of your personal favorites. Candy is one of the gifts that you can not mess up. Also, a gift that is above averagely pleasing.

All in all, i think St. Nick’s day is one of the more slept on/under

rated holidays, and that it is overshadowed by Christmas. Also, that St. Nick is often confused as Santa, but there is in fact a difference between the two.