Who’s to blame for the shutdown?


The Government shutdown shook the news through all of October. All of the analysts and pundits put in their two cents on who they think is to blame. The Republicans and Fox news blamed President Obama, while the Democrats and MSNBC blamed the Republican House of Representatives. I agree in part with the Democrats.

I agree that the House of Representatives is to blame for the stoppage of the government. But I put most of the blame on John Boehner, the Speaker of the House. John Boehner at first put up the wall of not moving on the budget unless healthcare was repealed. This in no way was the correct choice from the American people. The American people voted for Mr. Obama twice to take office under the idea he would bring about his new healthcare bill. This healthcare bill brings us into line with the rest of the modern world giving healthcare to the poor. This stance of holding the government hostage waiting for the Democrats to break is disgusting and is terrible to be seen in American politics.

John Boehner’s political brinksmanship was pushed forward when he refused to even let the House vote on the budget. He could not stand down knowing he would be embarrassed by his own party. John Boehner is obviously not the right kind of man we need in American politics. Hopefully when his election term comes to an end the American people will do the right thing and vote in a more moderate person to run the House. We need to remove the cancers that are in American politics today. John Boehner is one of those people.