Vincent Ave to be renamed “Mark Klusman Way”

The Klusman Way will now be visible to all entering Elder.


Over the years Mr. Mark Klusman has been serving the communities in the greater Cincinnati and giving his time for those in need. He has served the Price Hill community for many years and has also given back for what Elder High School has given to him.

After his tragic passing, Mr. Klusman has been recognized for the many cleanups and the time that he served for the communities around Cincinnati. Mr. Klusman recently was given The Golden Glove Award by Cincinnati’s Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman. This award is given to those that have served the community for greater good.

Mr. Klusman has showed the students of Elder High School and the city of Cincinnati what it truly means to be the “Elder Man.” That being said, the city is planning on renaming the street of Vincent Avenue to the “Mark Klusman Way” to show the respect for what Mr. Klusman has meant to the community.

Vice Mayor Smitherman  got in touch with the principal of Elder High School, Mr. Ruffing, on the renaming of Vincent Avenue just located outside the entrance to Elder High School.

Mark Klusman Way” provides a sense of acknowledgement for all that he did for Elder and the city of Cincinnati.

— Elder Principal Mr. Kurt Ruffing

“It will be renamed Mark Klusman Way,” said Mr. Ruffing. “The idea originated out of the City of Cincinnati Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman’s office as a way to honor Mr. Klusman,” added Mr. Ruffing.

Although the renaming of the street is not a go yet, the resolution to rename the street will be proposed to City Council on Wednesday March 14, 2018. If approved by the City Council the ceremony will take place on Thursday, March 15 at 10:00 A.M.

The “Mark Klusman Way” is considered to be a secondary name for the street of Vincent. Meaning that the road will continue to be called Vincent but will also have the secondary name -“Mark Klusman Way.”

“This is quite an honor for Mr. Klusman. As a former student of Mr. Klusman, as his colleague, and as the principal, I am thrilled to know that the city of Cincinnati is stepping up to honor such a wonderful man, someone who spent his life serving others throughout Cincinnati,” said Mr. Ruffing.

Mr. Auer, Mr. Klusman’s close colleague, who was always seen with Mr. Klusman during most of the cleanups involved here at Elder and also in their spare time, had a lot for great things to say about Mr. Klusman.

“I think anything that is brought up to honor and recognized the amazing things that Mr. Klusman has done is a great thing,” said Mr. Auer. “They are putting a memorial sign on the welcome sign on the intersection of Wilder and Warsaw for Mr. Klusman,” added Mr. Auer.

“Mr. Klusman’s death has had a major impact on the Elder community and the renaming of Vincent Avenue to “Mark Klusman Way” provides a sense of acknowledgement for all that he did for Elder and the city of Cincinnati,” said Mr. Ruffing.

Along with Mr. Auer, Mr. Ruffing also mentioned that the gateway area near the intersection of Wilder and Warsaw will have some sort of plaque or symbol that will be dedicated to the service and impact that Mr. Klusman had on the city of Cincinnati.

As a student at Elder High School and a student of Mr. Klusman’s I think I can speak for the for the students on how much this means to us. Mr. Klusman taught the students here at Elder High School to be the Elder Man. Mr. Klusman has truly taught me how to live a great life and to help those that need our help.

Corner of Vincent and Regina where Vincent will be renamed

He always talked about being that man in the mirror and take a look at your life and how you can make it better for not just you but for the people around you.

I believe that Mr. Klusman has prepared us, the students of Elder High School, for the world and how we can make everyday a good day.

So thank you to the city of Cincinnati for such a great way to honor Mr. Klusman for the work that he has done.