It goes too fast

A reflection upon my time at the greatest high school in America.


Our time at Elder High School has been an absolute blessing. As seniors we have 21 days left, 21 days!  This has gone so fast, I can still remember my freshmen orientation, knowing hardly anyone but being more excited than ever.

I remember my first game in the cheering section, at Oak Hills when we ran them out of their own building. I remember beating St. Ed’s in The Pit when they were nationally ranked number one. At the time I thought it would never end, I thought the good times would flow forever and that Mr. Kreimer’s freshmen biology class wouldn’t fly by like a touchdown pass, but boy, was I wrong.

These four years went way too fast, I’m really going to miss this place

— TJ Kearns '18

Going through Mr. Spencer’s class as a sophmore with the infamous fist hatchet, hearing Mr. Briede’s lulling voice every after noon, and hustling through the halls as a young gun, all the while, never stopping to think about how fast my time here really was flying by. Countless hours spent in the weight room and on the field led to a successful football season for our varsity guys, it was a blast watching them compete and win the GCL.

Junior year starting my illustrious career as a quill member, and becoming an upper classman, I was more involved than the previous two years and I loved it, I started to realize my time here was becoming limited and that it was almost time to move on. I wouldn’t change a thing about my time here, I blossomed in the successes and learned from the failures, I hope most people can agree with me on that one.

Finally, my senior year, I helped with freshmen orientation, deja vu hit me hard as I realized this was it for me. Cheerleading with the boys was one of my favorite experiences here. All the crazy things we did this year will stick with me forever, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else from 7:30- 2:30 on weekdays.

I can’t thank all my teachers, coaches, friends, family, and faculty members enough for a fantastic four years here at the most incredible high school in America. Cheering sections, lacrosse games, tests, projects, community service, quill articles, all of it shaped me into a man from a boy. I’m glad that my time here is almost done, but I wish it went a little slower, there are so many things I accomplished but a few more I wish I could’ve.

It’s crazy man, you go through grade school and you just can’t wait to get to Elder, you hear all about it and it excites you, you get here and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and then in the blink of an eye it’s over.

— Jack Mazza '18

To Mr. Rogers and the quill staff, both from last year and this year, I thank you for the opportunity to write and express my opinions, I love you guys and I’ll cherish the memories we share in this room. The podcast was a legacy that I hope lives on through future members of the Quill.

Lacrosse has been incredible but I realized I have eight games left guaranteed, then it’ll be over forever, I don’t know if I’m ready for that, it’s been such a huge part of my life for the past seven years and it’ll all be over in a month and a half; time flies.

As a senior class we made a few mistakes, but I wouldn’t change one thing about this group of guys, I love coming to school everyday and seeing a bunch of men who enjoy being here, it makes the day go faster and the weekends that much more fun.

If I’m being completely honest, this story is a little late, I’m sitting here in Mr. Reuben’s class looking for a picture to use as my featured image and I came across all these pictures from good times I’ve had in high school and I guess it really hit me that it’s over, in a month I’ll be saying goodbye to most of the people in this room forever. All my life I couldn’t wait for senior year, to be the guys who ran the school, well, I’m here now and part of me wants to start over, what I wouldn’t give for one more lecture in Mr. Kreimer’s class, or one more fist hatchet joke from Mr. Spencer, or one more night cheering on the boys in the pit.

It goes too fast, but I guess that’s just part of growing up. I hope if you’re reading this you cherish the rest of your time here because it truly is a special place, these four years have been eye-opening and I hope you take them for what they are; a blessing.