The end of an era

My goodbye to The Purple Quill.


Lucas takes a ride on the panther

Time is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as, “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.” Time is also something that we, here at Elder, do not have much of. Just like that, faster than Hoinke can run a forty-yard dash, my time here as an Elder High School journalist is coming to an end.

Coming into Elder a young man always hears the same old hackneyed phrases, “Don’t blink,” or “You only get so many” (a classic coined by myself). The thing is, these phrases that we hear from the minute we step into these pearly hallways, cleaned by the legendary James Robb, are exactly what you need to keep in mind every day of school here.

My time under Gary Rogers wing has come to an end, and I couldn’t thank him enough. Very few teachers could put up with the things that the squad does, and man he does just that almost every single day, except those days when it just gets too much. Bottom-line, without him this paper would be nothing. On the behalf of all members first semester now leaving, thank you.

Writing for The Quill has been an honor. Being able to toss out my ideas and beliefs on put them out in the open for all to see has been a great experience. Something I believe all students here should try at least once. It’s a great feeling my words in print even though the majority of the school doesn’t read it.

I’d also like to thank Elder High School for guiding me along the way. This fine institution that we are so lucky to call ours has shaped me into what I am today. There is no other place that I can truly be myself at in this world. The support system is unreal and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to surround myself with. Thank you, Elder.

I will never forget the group of guys that I have worked with over the course of my tenure on the staff. The memories and friendships made are ones that will last a lifetime. Whether we are tossing frisbee or flipping water bottle trash cans outside, you better believe we are having a blast doing it. Now is probably a good time to apologize to the countless teachers and faculty that we have disturbed so far this year, especially you, Mr. Evert. Some of these fellas I knew before my journalism career started, but I have even become close with some other fellas even from different grades. There is nothing better than walking in and destroying Schutte every day. Thanks fellas, it’s been an unreal ride.

My mother has always taught me; your adventures are not about the end destination but the journey along the way. Looking back, I can one hundred percent agree that my memories and friendships made are much more important than my retirement from the staff.

In closing, thank you to The Quill. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Don’t worry I’ll stop by every once in a while to reek some havoc. You can run but you can’t hide,Rogers. I walked into this classroom a little boy with a notebook, now I’m a man with the pen. Carpe Diem, sieze your day gentleman.

I thank you for reading my words.