Prison Break is a must watch


Ever wonder why high security prisons are hardly broken into or out of?

Well, the show Prison Break shows what an escape would involve. This drama-filled show is one of the best examples that does not get a lot of credit. After reading this review, hopefully the show will draw some interest.

The show is about Michael Scoffield, the brother of death row inmate “Lincoln Burrows”. Throughout the show he tries to escape from prison. The show takes many twists and turns that keep the viewer watching. The overall theme of the show is that family should be everyone’s number one priority. Michael and Lincoln truly resemble throughout the five seasons.

Shown are Michael Scoffield (front) and Lincoln Burrows (back) are the two main characters.

The main characters are Michael Scoffield and Lincoln Burrows. Michael becomes the lead character because the show focuses more on his life. Michael turns himself in to the police for a crime that he did not commit. He does this to save Lincoln, who is on death row for a crime that he did not commit. Michael’s plan is to break him out and track down the group of people who framed Lincoln in the first place. In this show, Wentworth Miller plays the role of Michael. He can be seen on other television shows and movies as well.

A few of the minor characters who end up playing big parts in the show are “Sara Tancredi”, a doctor at the prison, who ends up being involved with Michael. Sarah Wayne Callies plays her in the show. She is in many other movies and shows on television. Another minor character worth noting is “Alex Mahone” who is played by William Fichtner. Likewise, he is in many other productions.

One unique aspect of this show is that Michael has tattoos all over his body. These tattoos are obviously fake but look very real. The viewer later finds out that the tattoos play a big part in the prison break. Another unique aspect of this show is that most of the screen-time takes place inside former prisons. The prisons in the show are former prisons that were still in use.

Overall, the show is unique in that it takes place in many different settings. As the show goes on, you find out more about the main characters and the ones the viewer think they know and understand. It was unusual how the show ends each season. Season four has an abrupt ending which leads into the making of season five.

In sum, Prison Break is a must watch. There so many little hints that if the reader picks up on, they will fall in love with the production. After watching this show, the viewer will surely hope that high security prisons are hopefully more secure than the ones shown in the show.