D.U.I Confession


Matthew Cordle, a 22 year old from Dublin Ohio hit and killed Vincent Canzani last June. Cordle had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. Cordle was very remorseful of his actions, and created a You Tube video to show his apology. In the video he pleaded with the audience not to drink and drive.  He also told the judge before his sentencing, “Whatever my sentence may be, there is no fair sentence when it comes to the loss of a life.”

Cordle was sentenced to six and a half years in prison, six months for driving under the influence and six years for aggravated vehicular homicide.   What Cordle did was terrible, and some would say unforgivable. But Cordle did the right thing with a bad situation. Not only did the video help get his sentence reduced but it also sets him up for his life after prison.

The video, which was viewed by millions of people, should help Cordle when he gets out. This video stunt helped set Cordle as a spokesperson against drinking and driving. Right now Cordle is the face of drinking and driving and the consequences that come with it.

This event is tragic, and as terrible as it was Cordle made the best out of a bad situation. For anyone who has seen the You Tube video knows how remorseful it was. Even though some may say that Cordle got off easy with his punishment, the video shows that Cordle himself will never fully forgive himself for what he has done.  He said so himself.

“There is no fair sentence when it comes to the loss of a life,” said Cordle.

Cordle’s poor decisions have changed his life forever, and no matter how sorry he is he will never be able to forget the things he did. The video was a great way to publically show his remorse, and a great way to spread his message but because of his decisions Cordle will have to live with the pain of his actions, and that’s the worst punishment of all.