A “knee slapper” you can’t resist

Pink Perfection


A comical yet adventurous film, The Pink Panther provides a hysterical “knee slapping” story that’ll keep you on your toes. The first Pink Panther movie was created in 1962 with a plot that tells the story of Inspector Clouseau. The original Pink Panther displays the same ideas and story line as the remake filmed in 2006 starring Steve Martin.

Steve Martin plays the role of “Clouseau” who is in search of the mystery thief who stole the Pink Panther diamond. Little does he know, he is being taken advantage of by Inspector Dreyfus because of his pure stupidity. Dreyfus hired Clouseau to fill in the role while he himself gathered a team of experienced officials to solve the case, making him look like the hero.

Clouseau defies all odds and solves the case in a spectacular yet interesting way. He finally decides on a victim: Zonya, the former soccer coaches own wife. She had it stitched in her purse where it was hidden for the entirety of the film until the ending scene. Clouseau cuts open the purse in front of an elaborate dinning party and revels the precious pink panther diamond to the crowd.

Inspector Clouseau receives a “delicate French fountain pen” (Den of Geek)

The uniqueness of the film comes through the hysterical character of Steve Martin. Everything from his funny accent to his blabbering nonsense makes the movie a great fit for the comedy era. Not only a great laugh, but an interesting tale that will leave you befuddled once you get to the end.

Every character plays their own special role in building up the character of Clouseau. Clouseau has a personality that has all the character’s mind blown at times because of his lack of common sense yet his unique way of finding things out.

Steve Martin, who has starred in many films including, The Jerk; Cheaper by the Dozen; Planes, Trains and Automobiles and many others, embodies this role as the great actor and performer he is. His sense of humor and experience thrust him into yet another “big time” role in the film making industry.

Other characters include Beyoncé Knowles who is mostly known for her singing career. She plays a vital role as a backup character in this film. Her beautiful figure and stylish lifestyle provides the viewer with a sense of excitement and intrigue. Ponton plays the role of Clouseau’s sidekick displaying a sense of reality and knowledge that Clouseau lacks. Bizu the French soccer coach and mystery man, gives the story an intriguing mystery that misdirects the viewer.

The Pink Panther was a box office success to say the least back in the mid 2000’s, bringing in a gross income of over 158 million dollars. This Panther  was such a great success that they decided to give Pink Panther 2 a shot. Pink Panther 2 only brought in about $75.90 million, but still a great success. An interesting fact: the Pink Panther soundtrack featured Beyoncé who also starred in the film. The credits before the film include an animated Clouseau and Pink Panther clip that lead up to the opening scenes.

You can’t miss this one of a kind film that will leave you crying laughing as you sit back eating your popcorn on a beautiful Friday night.