Bas’ smashes everyone’s expectations with Milky Way

Bas drops some new heat, Milky Way


Recently there has been a lot of new content brought into the world of hip hop. Albums have been dropping left and right from artists including Travis Scott, Drake, and Eminem. However, due to the buzz of the heavy heat that these big names have dropped, some albums have been released without being noticed too much. This includes the album, Milky Way, by a rapper from Queens, New York, by the name of Bas.

When people are asked who their favorite rappers are, they tend to gravitate towards the bigger names like Migos, Young Thug, and Gucci Mane just to name a few. Very seldom does anyone ever mention a name like Bas. The Queens rapper has a number of different mixtapes and projects, but his most recent is Milky Way.

This album includes features from artists like J. Cole, Correy C, A$AP Ferg, and Ari Lennox. An array of writers with varying backgrounds and different styles of music. Despite these differences, they all came together with Bas to whip up some serious flames.

There are a few sources that provide more insight on Milky Way, one of which is an article by Richard Bryan with Bryan rates this project at a high level, commenting on the upbeat tones that are commonly sported throughout the tracks. Also, Richard notes that this album is the perfect collection of songs for vacation, with its relaxing yet positive melodies. He also writes about his enjoyment that Bas kept relatively unknown producers on his songs, giving all his work a completely original sound. Bryan gave an excellent review of the album’s varying tones and weight, all of which is very relatable to the actual music on the album.

Another source on this album is Riley Wallace with Wallace writes an outstanding overview of how easy the album flows together.

Milky Way is Bas more in his element than his past releases. It’s a self-assured, eclectic, mix of sonic elements that fit together with the ease of a children’s puzzle,” Riley stated. Furthermore, Wallace touches on a big name in rap, J. Cole’s, affiliation and influence with the overall theme of the album. J. Cole is commonly referred to as one of the more lyrical writers in today’s hip hop scene.

Thanks to this and his tight partnership with Bas on this album, we are able to see how the songs take on a deeper message while managing to remain in a state of relaxation and ease. This is a promising album from a new name in the rap game, Bas is certainly on his way to stardom according to Riley Wallace.

To get a more detailed take on the reactions of this drop from Bas, I took to the halls of Elder to interview some students. I got a hold of Max Trotta, a senior at Elder. I asked about his feelings about Bas, how long he’s been a fan, and what he thought of Milky Way. Max told me that he has been listening to Bas for about 2 years, right after his album, Too High to Riot dropped.

“I was listening to Pandora while playing Xbox one night, and out of nowhere my phone started pumping out some serious bars. I’ve been a fan ever since,” Max told me. I also asked about how he thought of Bas as a rapper. Trotta stated, “He’s definitely slept on. He’s one of those smaller names in rap that doesn’t get a lot of love even though his work hangs with what comes from the best in rap, but that’s just my opinion.”

Max also told me that his favorite song on the album was “Fragrance”. “That song definitely slaps, one of the best flames to listen to when I’m cruising in the Bonneville after school,” Max exclaimed.

The album, Milky Way, by Bas, is definitely a solid collection of heat that not that many people seem to know about. This Queens-based artist proves to have some serious skill after releasing this 14 song collection. Bas sports rhymes that are simple at the surface but convey a deeper message when studied- an impressive trait for an up and coming writer. Milky Way by Bas is available to stream everywhere, if the chance presents itself, go ahead and give it a shot.