An album that helps people deal with addiction

How the KOD album represents the different addictions people suffer through

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J. Cole’s new album entitled KOD was launched in April of this year. It represents hard temptations in life to stay away from.

KOD stands for “King Overdosed” and it represents the many forms of addiction that people have in their life and the addictions are mostly to alcohol, phones, and women. The final meaning of the KOD album is “Kill Our Demons” because J. Cole says, “That’s the end goal, to face all of the things in our life, realizing that we have a lot going on in the inside. Everybody, because nobody is perfect.”

One of the first songs on the KOD album is called “Kevin’s Heart”. It deals with a large

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range of addictions. Kevin Hart is the guy who plays Kevin in the music video. According to the article by Jon Caramanica, “Kevin’s Heart” tackles infidelity and more conventional addiction.

Most of the songs in this album relate to J. Cole’s personal life. One of the songs in his album that was really important to him is called “Once an Addict”. It is important to him because it is about his mother and her battle with addiction and how this affected him when he was a kid.

The album has a total of 12 songs. KOD’s goal is to stop all the bad addictions people suffer from to make their lives better.

The most popular song is called “1985”. It is the most popular because it points to this generation. According to the article by Caramanica, “1985” is exactly the kind of old-man personality J.Cole young fans would expect of him. This is what J. Cole is best at giving the fans what they want to hear.

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Overall, J. Cole has provided his listeners with key information about how hard different addictions can be and how to get through them making you stronger as a person in the end.

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