Nike risking it all for a big reward

Is Colin Kaepernick truly sacrificing it all?

Nike risking it all for a big reward

There has been a lot of controversy over the recent ad that Nike has published all over the globe. If you are unaware of the ad that I’m referring to, it’s the photo of former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick’s face with the print “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”.

The entire persona that Kaepernick has struck up with his kneeling during the national anthem already had enough attention brought to it, but now that Nike has picked him up, people everywhere are outraged. Some people have even gone as far as to take to social media to publicly exclaim their disloyalty to Nike with videos of them destroying various products from the brand.

There have been many news stories that have taken to this hot topic, some writing stories of support, others writing in a way that speaks down on this whole situation. Sites like CNBC, CNN, and The Washington Post all have published stories of different points on the campaign by Nike.

According to Lauren Hirsch with CNBC, Nike’s sales jumped a whopping 27 percent directly after the ad was launched. However, since Labor Day, sales have declined back down 18 percent back to a similar rate of what it was before. “An immediate strong response was seen both in support and protest” Hirsch reported.

Very similarly, Nathaniel Meyersohn with CNN published that just about 44 percent of younger people stand in support to the controversial ad, while only 32 percent oppose this. Meyersohn also stated that Nike weighed there options with Kaepernick, ultimately taking a large bet on the athlete-turned-social activist. Nathaniel also stated that Nike’s stock is up since the release thanks to the “stroke of genius” from Nike.

Des Bieler with The Washington Post wrote about a preacher in Mobile, Alabama making a stand by cutting up a Nike headband during a sermon. Bieler writes about how the preacher, Mack Morris, exclaimed that there has been a lot of people who have died in order for that flag to fly, and that it is disrespectful for anyone to not stand in acknowledgment to the flag during the national anthem. Morris has received both support and ridicule from all over the nation due to this public expression of distaste toward the brand.

Personally, I take the same stand as Mack Morris down in Mobile. I have members of my family who have been in the US military, who have truly put everything on the line just to let that flag fly on American soil.

On the platform twitter, I saw a statement that I really liked by the widow of the late, great, American hero, Chris Kyle. Taya Kyle wrote that she has felt that it was more than disrespectful for a company like Nike, to give a multi-million dollar contract to a man who doesn’t have the decency to stand up and pay his respects to the star spangled banner. At the end of her statement, she cleverly exclaimed that she had a pair of shoes by Under Armor that fit just fine.

I do not agree with the decision by Nike to publish an ad like this because Colin Kaepernick really didn’t sacrifice it all. Sure he may have faced opposition in the NFL, but he never put his life on the line for anything.

Members of the US military sacrifice their everyday freedoms to become a part of the best fighting force on the planet in order to defend our liberty and freedom. They put their lives on the line in the face of battle. They truly sacrifice everything for what they believe in.

I think it is nothing but a slap in the face to members, veterans, and all the brave men and women who have fallen for our country for Colin Kaepernick to say he has sacrificed it all. A man who has received millions upon millions of dollars from the NFL, all just to quit and call it sacrificing everything, is nothing but disrespectful.