Kiki, I’m tired of you

Drake hits an annoying home run.


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From 2018 album, Scorpion

Can a song be dangerous? A new Drake hit makes a great argument.

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Drake and his hit song “In My Feelings” have been coasting on the top of the Billboard Weekly charts for songs of the week since it was released on August 3rd, 2018. At a record breaking 10 weeks in a row, it continues to ride the top of Billboard’s Hot 100.

Most songs seem to die out in a couple of weeks, but this one was carried not only by the song and lyrics itself but because of the challenge that goes with it. Dubbed the “KiKi challenge”,  it involves a willing volunteer who opens the passenger door of a moving car and proceeds to dance alongside it to the opening lines of Drake’s “In My Feelings,” from his latest album, Scorpion.

This was first preformed by internet comedian Shiggy, and posted on his Instagram. Strangely, the original post by Shiggy dancing to the song did not involve a car, so where that dangerous twist came from, we may never know.

Consequently, the incorporation of the moving car in the video has seemed to have very dangerous outcomes. Multiple reports of people falling out of the moving car or even being struck by a car during the challenge has parents everywhere cracking down, making sure that their kids aren’t participating.

The police as well, are trying to limit injuries resulting from this challenge. A woman in Tulsa was recently pulled over for attempting it. And an 18 year old was rushed to the ICU in Iowa, after she sustained head injuries when attempting to get out of the moving car to do the challenge. Police around the US and around the world are urging people, for their own safety not to attempt the challenge.

Like all things nowadays, it will soon come to an end. The social media posts, and the amount of people listening to it have gone way down. I would agree that’s a good thing too because it was getting way out of hand. Once the injuries started to occur, I think people took the hint to just not attempt it.

Even if the song is very annoying and repetitive, one can’t deny the success it has had. Recently being named the 2018 Billboard Song of Summer, this classic went on a very strong run. Hopefully in the future, we can think of a challenge resulting in less headaches and injuries.