The new “face” of Amazon

Amazon Go


The world is getting to a place in history where you can do your shopping without even bringing money.  It will be all online, linked to your account, and now we are talking about transactions dealing only with facial recognition.

Amazon is planning on opening up a new store on the go.  This store has something called a face ID that is linked to your online account.  When you enter the store it picks up who are and has your history of your account.  When it is time to do your shopping all you have to do is grab your items off the shelves and put them in your cart.  When you remove the item it will scan the item, which will charge the item.  But don’t worry, if you decide that you do not want that specific item, all you have to do is put it back on the shelf and it will automatically be taken off your final payment.

But Amazon cannot live online alone. The company is increasingly moving into the physical world, opening spaces in malls, shopping districts, and even local strip malls. It’s a move that signals the company’s ambitions are larger than e-commerce, combining its digital prowess with the convenience of physical retail.

Amazon’s new concept only stocks items that customers have rated four stars or above, on average. That means it will include only the best of the best.

The store essentially uses the same format as the brand’s Amazon Books store, but has more categories to offer, including toys and games, home and kitchen, and yes, books.

Amazon won’t say exactly how many of these locations exist in the United States, but the number is at least 30 and growing.  Amazon Go is the store of the future.

The first Go store opened to the public on January 22 after a lengthy beta period. Amazon now operates four of these stores: three in Seattle and one in Chicago.

There are now two Go formats. One focuses on fresh, prepared foods and snacks, while the other has a limited grocery selection.  They plan on opening up 3,000 stores in the following years.