Who is the best Migo?

Who is the best rapper out of the popular rap group, Migos?



Rap superstars Migos from north Atlanta are now dropping hits as individual artists.

iThe Migos are a very well-known rap collective out of north Atlanta, they have become some of the biggest names in the genre over the past few years. For years the Migos were dropping projects annually with some minor mainstream attention with their 2014 release No Label II, they had some songs like “Fight Night” and “Versace” pop up on the Billboard top 100.

Through the next few years they didn’t see as much success as some people had hoped in terms of mainstream attention, but their presence was still felt throughout the rap game with many rappers using their patented triplet flow or otherwise known as the “Migo Flow.”

The triplet flow happens when three notes occur over one beat, in rap it works in a similar way except the three notes happen to be syllables in a word or phrase. The Migos themselves have been on record many times talking about how much their style and flow have affected the rap game with rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper who use it at times.

Eventually the Migos found their success in 2017 with their very well received album, Culture. Culture was put together a bit differently than their previous projects with them cutting it down to 13 songs rather than their usual 20 or so. This turned out to be a great idea with almost all the songs on the album charting on the Billboard top 100 and their lead single for the album, “Bad and Boujee”, charting at #1 on the top 100.

Migos member Takeoff (taken from billboard.com)

2017 was a huge year for them with appearances on all sorts of features and releasing collaborative projects with various artists. They announced that they would be dropping Culture II in early 2018 which was a much anticipated release. Although Culture II saw similar success as its predecessor, it was not as well received with them opting to go with 24 songs and an almost two hour long run time. Around this time people started making comparisons of the members of the group; Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff.

In late 2018 Quavo and Takeoff both dropped their albums and they were both met with some criticism as one might assume for any member breaking off from a group. Offset’s album was delayed numerous times and finally released in late February 2019, and has been met with good reception. With all this being said we have enough music from each respective member to decide who is the best. I’ve been asked this question by many people over the years, and I’ve asked some students around Elder what they think about this debate.

When I asked senior Ben Dudley, who is a longtime fan of the group, what he thought about the debate.

“I think Takeoff is the best Migo because he has the most to add in Migos’ songs. Take ‘Commando’, ‘Kelly Price’, ‘Top Down On Da Nawf’, and ‘Call Casting’ for some examples. He dominates Migos songs whether he has the first verse, last verse, or the hook. He is sometimes left in the shadow behind Offset and Quavo because he is more reserved and less into the media than them, but he deserves a lot more respect than he gets as a Migo.”

Takeoff’s debut album The Last Rocket was rated the highest out of the Migos’ solo albums on Pitchfork, but was met with mixed reception because of its gloomy production and its lack of features which held the album back from having much mainstream success. With that being said Takeoff is the most consistent Migo when it comes to delivering good verses and picking up the slack if the other members don’t perform as well, but might not be not as good of a solo act as the other two.

Migos member Offset

I then asked Gaven Florimonte, a local authority on hip hop, who he thought was the best Migo, “Offset is the best because of his versatility in his flow, cadence, and his ability to consistently perform good hooks and refrains. He also has arguably the best verse out of any Migo on Gucci Mane’s ‘Met Gala’. Not to mention he outshines the other two with his solo project Father of 4 and his collaborative effort with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin, Without Warning.”

Offset is the fan favorite of the group because of his ability to execute so many styles, and he is very appealing to some because of his very colorful personality.

Quavo was previously the fan favorite around the time of Culture’s release, but that has changed with a lot of people now just seeing him as the hook man. It was hard finding someone who’s favorite member was Quavo, but when I met up with senior Dave Brown he had this to say about the so called “hook man”.

“Quavo is the best because he does all the hooks for their biggest singles and handles all the singing for the group along with being their spokesman.” Quavo is probably the most popular Migo in terms of other artists featuring him on their songs because of his previously mentioned singing ability, but is not as respected for his rapping ability.

There will probably never be a definitive answer to the question even if the solo albums continue to release, but this sure gave some insight into a possible answer.