T-schutts on the grind


After taking all of my junior year off, I decided to come back and re-claim a spot on The Purple Quill staff this year, for my final semester here at the greatest high school in the country.

It may have been a controversial move because I don’t think I wrote one good article my sophomore year, but I was here to prove my haters wrong. My goal going into the semester was to contribute at least six good stories, but I’m a little behind at this point.

My first quarter got off to a slow start idea’s were just not flowing for me. The lack of ideas was not my biggest obstacle.

My biggest obstacle so far has been senioritis. It hit me like a freight train heading west after Christmas break, my motivation for school was nonexistent and it’s hard to be optimistic when it is so cold. Now that is is starting to warm up ideas are beginning to flow and work ethic is growing stronger each day (I think).

Although I failed miserably my first quarter back, this final quarter I am here for the fight and I am determined to prove all my haters wrong especially King Rogers .

With that said this quarter my last one ever outer will be full of hard-hitting stories that will make all my predecessors and Lieutenant Colonel Gary Rogers proud.

photo by Sam Poli
Tyler Schutte relaxes in Journalism class before getting down to the business of writing.

Brigadier General Gary Rogers had his doubts about me coming into this semester and so far I’ve proved him right, But this quarter I am here to prove him wrong I’m gonna kill story after story after story. (and they will probably be in on time, maybe not) But they will be kind a near when they’re supposed to be turned in.

So with that said like in subscribe and prepare yourself for some extremely hard hitting Capital j journalist type of stories.