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April 17, 2019

gotta get one with the boys

Prom season is upon us, and it is just wonderful.

There is no better time of the year than Prom season.  There are many reasons why this season is the best and I will that I will touch on that later, but first let me explain what exactly Prom season actually is.

Prom season is the time of year in which there are a series of proms that you will be going to.  If the first prom is on, say April 6th? That means that prom season started March 6th.  One month before the first prom is when it officially starts.  That month goes by so fast because you are looking forward to dressing up, taking pictures, and dancing like your hair is on fire.

The boys taking pictures before prom

Why is Prom season the best to me? Great question.  For some reason I have always loved dances.  Maybe because it is I’m an excellent dancer, or because it gives me an opportunity to hang out with my friends and to do stuff we don’t normally get to do.

Dances are one thing, but Prom is a whole different level.  At dances, no one really wants to be there, you’re wearing a boring suit and tie and the music is lame.  At prom, you’re decked out in your fly tux, you have a smokin’ date, and the music is bumping.  Everyone is out on that dance floor showing off those moves they may or may not have, but no one cares.  It seems that the worse dancer you are the more hype you get because it is FUN.  At prom all judgment of dance moves goes out the window.

Prom day is one of the most exciting days you will encounter.  You wake up and all you want is for it to be 4 o’clock so you can start getting ready.  If you ever get the chance to get ready with a bunch of bros at the same house, do it.  It is an experience you won’t regret.  Listening to music while putting on your snazzy clothes and your bling is something like no other.

The typical Prom itinerary is like this:

4 PM- Get ready

5 PM- Leave to pick up date(s)

5:30 PM- arrive at house/ restaurant to eat dinner

6-7:45- Take pictures with your date, your friends, and yes, maybe even your family

8:15-11- Dance your butt off and embarrass yourself on the dance floor

From there you are on your own.  Some people like to go out to eat after prom to places like Waffle House or Steak n’ Shake till three in the morning.  Other people go back to someone’s house to hang out.  It is all up to you.  The whole point of prom night is to have fun and to enjoy life and experience something new.  A time to take chances, while being smart about it.

There are many mixed feelings about Prom which I can understand, but I think everyone should go at least once.  Prom is a night to put your fears away of asking that girl out, dancing in front of people, or just going out.  You don’t want to have those regrets later on down the road that you didn’t go.  That’s why I love Prom so much, because it is just another memory I have with my friends.

As a senior, I have a new perspective on things I do with my friends here at Elder.  I want to seize every opportunity I get with my friends and I want to make as many memories I can with them.  Prom is a special one.  I get to be with the people I love and have fun with them.  We will have stories like how Hans was sweating so much 10 minutes into the dance, or how Brad James got hit in the face and bit his lip in the middle of the mosh pit.

That’s why I love prom so much.  The memories I’ve made and will make with my friends are what makes it so special for me.  Don’t live with that regret.  Go to Prom.