Where are the stars from QB1 now?

Image from the trailer to Season Two of QB1

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Image from the trailer to Season Two of QB1

QB1 Beyond the Lights is one of the most popular sports shows to watch on Netflix. The show consists of three seasons with a total of 10 episodes per season.

The show’s original premiere was February 17, 2017

The show consists of some highly talented high school Quarterbacks that are presented to the viewers with what happens during their everyday lives. We see them at practices, school, home, and pregame in hotel rooms or in the locker rooms. Producer Peter Berg went above and beyond to get live action on each player to see what are some key differences. This includes the reputation of each player’s school, their wealth, and even their race. Today, I will dive deep in about where the stars from all three seasons of Qb1 are now.

Season 1 (2016) season

Season 1 is mostly everyone’s season because it sees the success of Tate Martell and Jake Fromm. Tayvon Bowers is one of the most underrated players in all three seasons. He threw over 4,000 yards his first year as a starter on Varsity. When his senior season came around, he lost all of his receivers and had to deal with a whole new receiving core who could barely even catch the ball.

With this struggle, a big story from the series is the absence of Bowers’ father David “Boobie” Bowers. His family members mostly his grandmother make comparisons to Tayvon and his dad David.  The Wake Forest commit still lead his team to the playoffs even with the little experience that his receivers had. After his senior season many reporters thought that he had a chance to become the Wake Forest starter week one as a true Freshman.

Unfortunately if didn’t happen for Bowers, who did everything to get the job, even shedding 25 pounds. The starter was named and it was not Bowers. He wasn’t even in the top three. Now going into the 2019 season, Bowers is the third string quarterback behind Qb1 season two quarterback Sam Hartman and Jamie Newman. Tayvon Bowers only has two more seasons of college and needs to start. He might transfer in the near future.

Tate Martell was ranked as the #1 QB in the nation after leading Bishop Gorman to back to back national championships and was committed to the Ohio State University after decommiting from Texas A&M earlier that year. During the show, Martell shows that he is very cocky and says that he is the best, but he proves it during his nationally ranked game in Texas.

Martell was really exited to get up to Columbus and battle for the starting QB position. When it comes to twitter on reviewing the first season of QB1, many people said that Martell was their least favorite to watch just because of his selfishness and cockiness on and off the field. With all of the hate from twitter, Martell still succeed in his senior season by winning the National Player of the Year, a state championship, and the high school national championship.

When Justin Fields officially transferred to Ohio State, Martell was furious and decided to transfer to the University of Miami. Twitter blew up by Martell’s decision and it was fully expected that he would take over the reigns as starting quarterback at Miami. After the preseason, the starter was named. And it wasn’t Martell. Going into the college football opener, Martell took practice as a receiver, and had some plays in the game as the team’s slot receiver. It’s either becoming a wide receiver, or transferring again for Martell.

Jake Fromm has had the most successful collegiate career out of all the Qb’s from the first season of the show. His main goal from the show was to break the record for the most passing yards in history in the state of Georgia. The show covered Fromm’s insane training regimen. During one of the first episodes of the show, the

Jake Fromm
Georgia quarterback

show captures how hard Fromm actually works. At the end of one of his football practices he was rushed to the doctor’s office to stop his full body cramps. His dad shared how many cramps he had last year from working too hard. Fromm seemed the most determined out of the three quarterbacks from season one.

All he was talking about was breaking the state passing yards record and winning his school its first state championship. Fromm shared while fishing with one of his friends that he wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend during the football season. Transferring the determination and the insane work ethic to Georgia seemed to work right away. When starting quarterback Jacob Eason went down with a knee injury, Fromm took over and ended up going undefeated and going to the National Championship in his Freshman season. Going into his Junior season, Georgia is one of the best teams in the nation and Fromm seams to be one of the top quarterback prospects going into the 2020 NFL draft.

Season 2 (2017 season)

Season 2 featured one of the most hyped quarterback prospects ever; Justin Fields. Fields was ranked the best dual threat quarterback in the nation by max preps and 247sports.  Throughout the show, he was getting questions from fans about where he was going to commit. Fields didn’t commit until the middle of the football season. He ended up committing the Georgia. Which many thought was a mistake because of the success of season one star Jake Fromm. Fields was so hyped in high school that ESPN wanted to film one of his high school games.

ESPN usually films when nationally ranked teams play each other, but his team wasn’t even nationally ranked. Once Fields’ freshman season came along, he was the backup for the whole season who mostly ran QB options up the middle on the opponent’s five-yard line. Barely even playing his Freshman season, he requested to transfer to Ohio State and join Martell. Now in his sophomore season, Fields has thrown nine touchdowns in a 2-game period.

One of the most questionable players from the  series is St. John Bosco and Iowa State commit Re’al Mitchell. The shortest player from the series, but also the fastest. The main question from the show with Re’al Mitchell was if he was going transition to receiver. Re’al didn’t like the critics and stuck to quarterback for his senior season. He was named the starter in week one of the regular season. However, the QB battle for Re’al Mitchell throughout the season was a total bloodbath.

The backup was sophomore quarterback DJ Uiagalelei who is now the number one quarterback in the nation for the class of 2020 and committed to Clemson. Re’al struggled his senior season and ended up losing the starting QB position through the middle of the regular season. After his senior season, he ended up enrolling straight away. During his Freshman season, he was switched to safety because of his speed. But he decided to red-shirt. Now this year, he is the backup quarterback for the Cyclones.

Sam Hartman was said by many reporters to be the most underrated quarterback in the nation. Living in

Sam Hartman
Wake Forest quarterback

North Carolina for most of his life, he and his family moved to South Carolina where he played for Oceanside Academy who was only in their second season ever with a football program. Hartman had the most responsibility out of all three quarterbacks from season two.  He had to swing things around for his team after Oceanside’s horrible first season going 0-8. Hartman became the leader of Oceanside as soon as he arrived. They improved to a 7-3 record their second season. As Hartman went on to play at Wake Forest, he played nine games his Freshman season. Now going into the 2019 season, he is battling for the starting quarterback job.

Season 3 (2018 season)

This is the most recent addition to the series released on August 16. This season takes a turn throughout the nation by finding the most underrated players instead of some of the best. QB1 seems to have a trend of featuring the number one quarterback in the nation for the past three seasons. In 2018, the #1 ranked quarterback in the nation was Arizona native and Oklahoma commit Spencer Rattler.

Spencer Rattler was hyped to be the greatest quarterback to ever come out of the state of Arizona and was on the path to breaking the Arizona passing record. Spencer showed throughout the show that he is a loudmouth on and off the field and has great athleticism, not just in football but in basketball as well. Spencer seemed to not take football as seriously as some of the quarterbacks from the first two seasons.

He says he wants to live his life and have fun his senior year instead of enrolling at the University of Oklahoma. Spence is compared to Season One’s Tate Martell, not just for football, but off the field actions. Rattler seemed to be immature and selfish, just like Martell. Another negative about Rattler is he tends to put astonishing pressure on backup quarterback JD Johnson. He ended up breaking the Arizona State passing record. But he dealt with a season ending injury to his knee.

Also, during the end of the show, he was suspended for a reason that was kept private by Rattler’s family. Graduating from Pinnacle, Rattler heads to Oklahoma where he is ineligible for his freshman campaign after violating school policies. Hopefully after Jalen Hurts, Spencer can take over the reigns of the Oklahoma offense. Moving on from Rattler, Lance Legendre proves why he is the top player in the state of Louisiana in his senior campaign.

Lance Legendre was raised in a small home in downtown New Orleans by his mother. Legendre never met his biological father. He never grew up with a father figure just like Tayvon bowers from season one. Legendre was hurt and missed most of his junior season. Because of his injury, he made the decision to commit to Kansas to not lose his offers. “Jump on a roster”’ as Legendre described his commitment.

Before the season, for the first time QB1 got to film what Legendre’s team did to bond with one another and to come together as a team. Soon as Legendre touched the field as a senior, he was an automatic star. By finding his confidence, he decommited from Kansas to reopen his recruitment.  Legendre lead his team to a 12-2 record by making a run in the playoffs to have a chance to play in the Superdome. They achieved their goal by making it there, but unfortunately they lost 30-28 in the State championship game. A week after the State championship game, he committed to the University of Maryland.

Nik Scalzo is 5’-11″, but plays like a 6’-4″ quarterback. The Kentucky commit was ready to lead his team to a state title. Scalzo isn’t like any of the other quarterbacks from the three seasons. He seems to be a daredevil who loves to challenge his fears including cliff jumping and skydiving. One thing that makes Scalzo different from the

Nik Scalzo
Kentucky quarterback

rest of the quarterbacks is that his family is extremely Catholic. So Catholic that they attend a Christian concert. In the show it shows that Scalzo couldn’t care less about the concert.

Another thing that makes Scalzo different is his extreme toughness on the field. In the regional final to go to the State Championship in Orlando, Scalzo seemed to tweak his knee near the end zone. While limping, he didn’t come off the field and played through a knee injury to lead his team to the State championship game. After the game Scalzo got an MRI on his knee and the results came in that hetore his ACL and was done for the rest of the season. Scalzo later that day cried as he wanted to win the State championship while playing. He agreed to stand on the sideline during the State championship game. Scalzo got his reward when his team won the game. Only two quarterbacks have done this. Martell and Scalzo. Going into his freshman season at Kentucky, He tore his ACL again during the last scrimmage before opening day. Scalzo with many knee injuries from the past might never start for Kentucky.

Even though you might be really good in high school, it is very hard to transition your talents from high school to the collegiate level.  Only two of these elite quarterbacks start for their college teams today. But any of these guys in the future can play and start in college. It takes a lot of talent and determination to be a college football quarterback. Knowing all the plays, staying late after practice to get more throws in, any playing with crowds that are in the 100,000 range.

Football doesn’t last forever. And it can end with one throw, one run, on any one play.