No more flex time

No Flex Zone. Elder High School should kill flex time because it is Horrible.


Gus Schlomer

Class in flex period

According to Elder High School, flex time is meant to be used to have all school masses, freshman ice breakers, pep rallies and assemblies.

Teachers and students have different view on flex time and different ways they use their time. I talked with Junior Ryan Hofmeyer, Jackson Geiser and teacher Mr. Justin Quatman and asked them what they think of flex time.

Gus Schlomer
Chase Schaerer playing ESPN Fantasy Football

I view flex time as a time where I can get ahead in classes and do the homework for next bells. Flex time has saved me time at home that I can use to stay an extra hour at work to make some extra cash or have some free time by myself not doing anything at home. Others see flex period as a block to mess around and just play video games, take a nice nap before fourth bell and even go out to the pit and play spikeball and do other various activities.

Junior Ryan Hofmeyer like to finish up his homework during flextime but also likes to have some downtime to himself and watches Netflix? “I think we should get rid of flex and get out at the end of sixth period at 12:48pm. It would allow us students with jobs to go to work early and it would act like a college,” said Hofmeyer. When asked about whether we should have flex time or not Hofmeyer said, “We should not have flex time because half of the student body don’t use it for anything all they do is sleep or play computer games.” Hofmeyer doesn’t like having the extra free period because it is a waste of time.

Jackson Geiser taking a snooze

Senior Jackson Geiser despises flextime. “Flex kind of pisses me off, I’m just tired of the same bullsh*t over and over again.” Geiser sits in Mr. Rogers’ room and hangs out with his friends and sometimes take naps and listens to music. “I’m actually in Mr. Evert’s room for flex but there is too much E-Sports going on and I can’t take it nor do I want to distract or get involved with the players.” Geiser said he would rather get out way early on even bell days that sit in a classroom and do nothing. After telling him that we would have to have more days of school he rescinded is statement and stated “oof”.

Senior Chase Schaerer said that he believes we should be able to lift during flex because then he doesn’t have to stay after school.

Mr. Quatman dislikes flex time with a passion. “We should not have flextime but it can be beneficial when we have a Mass or a meeting but when we do nothing and sit in a classroom it is pointless.” Quatman catches up on grading and runs copies and meeting for spirit committee during his flex time. Flex is supposed to be used for assemblies or Mass. He thought it was going to be for an ACT or SAT practice class. “I had initially thought that flex time was going to be used for ACT Test Prep or something more valuable to the students even all school Masses (currently done during flex) fit perfectly in the time frame.”

All of these points make sense and all of these men agree that flex time is hot garbage and is not needed. I believe that we should have an option for an extra elective as well and even be able to lift. Playing video games and doing homework is boring after doing it weekly and students and teachers feel the same.